Why You Need a Handicap in Golf?


    Those looking forward to improve their golf playing skills will find the system of handicap in Golf very useful. The system of handicap in Golf enables you participate in local tournaments against accomplished golfers having a good amount of proficiency in the game. Most golf courses will be able to supply you with the golf handicap needed. Your golf handicap can serve as a highly reliable barometer to evaluate your golfing abilities when you can post the scores accurately.

    what is handicap in golf?
    Golf Handicap Tracking Sheet

    You can interpret golf handicap system as the complex formula of your average score combined with the difficulty level of the game you are playing. It will also incorporate a few bells and whistles in addition that USGA can tell out. The course handicap is the number of strokes normally required to play the given golf course looked from the point of view of a scratch golfer.

    Golf handicap is the true interpretation of your golf capabilities. For example, if you play a match against a scratch golfer (a golfer with a zero handicap) and you have a 7 handicap, you will be given 7 strokes, one each for the first 7 most difficult golf holes on the course. In other words, it is like the player is looking at you as a 7 stroke lead or a 7 hole lead in the golf match.

    Golf is a gentleman’s game and it is highly expected that you post legitimate scores. There are some restrictions in place on how many scores you can take on a particular hole. For instance, let us say you have less than a 10 handicap. In this case, you cannot turn in a score card with a score over double bogey. This arrangement will prevent sandbaggers blow up their handicap so as to get more strokes while participating in golf tournaments.

    How To Get Low Handicap in Golf?

    After working with enough number of scores and ascertained your handicap in Golf, you will realize how difficult it is to get a low handicap. Only after a complete round of golf your handicap can move either forward or backward. There are no reasons to worry if you have found a bad day on a course since it will require not less than 2 to 3 rounds to move your handicap. Your handicap will suffer if you enter into a slump not able to figure out what has gone wrong with your game.

    Leaving out sandbaggers, the handicap in Golf system is one of the proven and useful ways to measure your golf abilities in relation to other golfers. You can also log in on the internet to see the scores posted for those with a handicap.

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