Tips for Left Handed Golfers


    Golf is a highly sophisticated game, however, there are some proven tips to help golf players whether they were right handed or lefties. While there is a vast number of information available on the net for the benefit of right hand golfers, very little information is out there to help the left handed golfers. This article has compiled a few good tips for the benefit of left handed golfers.

    Left Handed Golfers
    Left Handed Golfers – From

    Irrespective of whether the player is a left hander or a right hander, most mechanics of the golf game are rather the same. The basic thing is that you need to master some fundamentals to qualify as a reasonably good player. From this point onwards you can advance your skills as a professional golf player.

    New players must know this. Left handed golfers must always keep their head down during the course of the full swing. The same thing is applicable to the right handed golfers too. Most new players make the mistake of lifting their heads to see where the ball is moving, which everyone should avoid.

    More Tips for Left Handed Golfers

    #1 Fully Rotate Body and Hips

    Most players make the second mistake of not letting their body and hips rotate fully as they come through the ball. If you are a left handed player, then you must rotate your upper body to its right to the maximum possibility in order to power your swing. This should be lead by the right hip with the hands following it. This is one of the best ways to achieve a solid hit.

    #2 Left Hand Finishes the Swing

    Players must ensure that their right hand leads the swing and the left hand finishes it. The point is this. The power of their dominant hand combined with the power of their dominant side need to jointly drive through the ball once it is contacted.

    #3 Conclude the Swing with Full Follow

    There is a very important tip for the left handed golfers. They must try to conclude their swing with a full follow through thereby leaving them on the balls of their feet. This will prevent the condition where you land either flat footed or on your heels. As you end the full swing in this way, you would have given the maximum power necessary.

    #4 Course Management

    Every article for left handed golfers must necessarily talk about course management. Over their experience, players will discover that most holes veer from left side to right side. These are known as dogleg holes. If you wonder how to play this hole well, you need to know about a technique called draw shot. The essential feature of this technique is that the ball under control must make a curve in order to turn to the right or left depending on whether you are a right handed or left handed golfer.


    Most material written for golfers apply universally to the right handed players. Therefore while adopting them, left handed golfers must reverse them for their requirements. This approach will take them forward successfully as golf players.

    The popular tendency among left handed golf players is to use the right handed club since is widely available. Though this cannot be ruled out as per rules, the left handed players are at their best while using the left handed clubs. They can buy them from sports shop and online market places.


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