Tips for Golf Backswing


    Those looking forward to perfect their golf backswing have finally come to the right place to know a few tips on this.

    Your takeaway swing need not be complicated as you might imagine. There are some proven Golf backswing tips for golf players that can be implemented with great ease within a short span of time.

    Golf Backswing
    Golf Backswing

    There is a crucial golf playing tips among a number of them. Successful shots will ensue once you play the ball in the right manner from your stance. There is a proper position advised for every kind of shot. Golf players need to know this right at the beginning of their golf training. While taking a stance, ensure that your hands grip the club in the proper manner. Most players prefer using the neutral kind of grip which is neither weak nor strong. While striving to maintain a firm grip, you should never end up choking the club tightly to your fist.

    Yet another very important Golf backswing tip for golfers is to apply a bit of flex to their knees. This will enable a full turn of your hips which is crucial to apply power to each of your shots.

    While you get the club back, keep both your arms straight as much as possible, which will maintain the distance between the club head and your hands in a constant manner. By bending your arms earlier than advisable, you tend to shorten this distance that will have to be corrected before the impact. If you keep both of your arms straight, you can avoid this happening during the beginning of the takeaway.

    You need to bend your right arm at the elbow when the club and your hands are at the height of your waist. As you proceed with your takeaway motion, never let your hands rotate. This will see to that you make a wider arc while bringing the club back to its position.

    When your hands reach the level of your waist, you must turn your upper body along with shoulders. You can continue this motion until the club remains at the top of your golf backswing. This kind of coiling action can give enough energy required during impact. Most players find it difficult to turn their hips until the top is reached. Some flexible exercises for hips shoulders and legs can help you overcome this.

    First and foremost, you need to discover where your ‘top’ lies. There is a lot of difference between person to person with regard to their top of the swing. While some players will easily be able to bring the club parallel to their top of the swing, others might not be able to do this. Irrespective of where you figure in the scale, you need to get the maximum height possible. This will enhance the club head speed when it moves down.

    The last thing you need to know is about the transition leading to the downswing. You should not let the club jerk. As you maintain a smooth movement of the club, you should initiate the downside movement of the club with your hip and not with your hands. Talking about the overall swing, the first part is crucial as it sets the phase necessary for the movement that follow.

    If you are worried that you miss out a large number of shots, the above mentioned tips for Golf backswing can help you a lot. If something is wrong during the first part of the swing, it might lead to missing the shot. If you ask an accomplished golfer to observe you while you are making your swing, they will be able to comment on your swing and resolve the issue.

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