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    Tiger Woods golf swing has secured a worldwide acclaim for him by virtue of its uniqueness and enormous power. Ironically, this great (Tiger Wood golf swing) often lands him in trouble too. Most golfers dream to acquire this sort of swing that can significantly further their golf capabilities. There is a great deal to be learnt from Tiger woods golf swing. If you want to know the key to develop a great swing like that of Tiger’s, then read on. Irrespective of their age and capabilities, there is a particular kind of training that all golfers can benefit from.Tiger Woods Golf Swing

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     Rotate your body

    One of the most favorite exercises that Tiger Woods takes up is rotating the body. He performs this investing in the strength of his core. This exercise can help you significantly strengthen your core from a rotational stand point. By succeeding in this, you can hope to add more distance to your drives. Experts also call this ‘staying connected’ throughout the swing.

    The Proper Posture

     Tiger Woods is extremely careful not to allow his lower body move ahead of his upper body while attempting a downswing. Therefore, he tries to maintain his arms and club in front of his chest as long as possible. With this posture, he is able to demonstrate a better sequence for the downswing that facilitates a very powerful impact. There are a number of exercises that can help you cultivate this body rotation. An effective exercise is to stick a towel under both the armpits while you attempt swinging a wedge. If you find the towel dropped from it position, it could indicate you that you have disconnected your arms from the body.

     Demonstrate a full finish during golf swings

    If you have diligently observed Tiger woods golf swing, you would have seen him make the full rotation of his body while swinging. The only time he does not do this is while attempting a punch or knock-down shot. The essential thing in this is that Tiger always swings through the ball and does not hit at it. Swinging through the ball is the best technique to gain few more yards to the ball. Besides this, it can also ensure your fairways hit off the tee. The common mistake budding golfers do is to follow the urge of hitting at the ball. They need to strictly safeguard themselves from doing this. Though it is not that easy to cultivate the professionalism exhibited by Tigers in our golf swing, implementing the two above mentioned movements can go a long way in helping you better your golf swings.

    Do not Copy Tiger Woods Golf Swing

     Golfers need to know the importance of working on their body ‘off the course’. Golf has these days become a highly professional sport. To cultivate a great degree of professionalism, you need to condition your body besides perfecting your postures and movement. You need to keep in mind that it does not help when you attempt to copy someone. However, there are always some good points that you can learn from their experience and skill that will help further your proficiency in golf.

    Have Fun

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    Read Tiger Woods Books

    The most famous book by Tiger Woods is : How I Play Golf?

    How I Play Golf

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