The Proper Golf Swing Takeaway


    Executing a proper Golf swing takeaway in golf is crucial to achieving a good swing. While this comes properly to most accomplished golf players, beginners need to strive hard and cultivate this to master the game.  Golf swing is a sort of chair reaction. The nature of the swing at the beginning influences what happens at the end. The more accurate your takeaway and back swing, the more accuracy and power you will get while hitting the golf ball. Lacking accuracy in backswing and takeaway will mean hitting the ball off the line and with less power. The Golf swing takeaway decides the fate of a swing. The takeaway sets the rest in motion. It is the coordinator of the swing and decides the quality and nature of the shot. Golf trainers say the first 30 inches of the takeaway decides the quality of the swing.

    The Proper Golf Swing Takeaway
    Tiger Woods Golf Swing

    One-Piece Golf Swing Takeaway

    Golf swing takeaway should commence with one-piece movement. To do this properly, you need to sweep the club back low and slow while your left knee, hip and shoulder turn right. Now shift your weight gradually on to the right foot feeling as though the move was ‘all arms’. Take the club away holding your chin up and allow a complete turn of the left shoulder.

    Be a Flexible

    There are different views on the left heel position. As there are no strict rules asking the left heel to be planted firmly during the takeaway, different players handle this differently. However, it is good to keep it planted as much as you can during the swing to create resistance. At the same time, automatically it has to lift if you need to complete the body turn. You need to be flexible to do this.

    90-Degree Angle

    The wrists should be passive till the club comes to the height of your right hip. Now, cock your wrists while completing your body turn making a right angle between your left forearm and the shaft. If you are able to achieve a 90-degree angle with your wrists and if the club is on the plane, then your takeaway had been really good.

    Until you come to the top of your swing, you need to turn your arms and body. Your weight will remain on the right foot and the club will be in a horizontal position. Both the thumbs will be under the shaft.

    The Transition Point

    What follows is a transition point that you must perform carefully without hurry so that your swing does not get narrow. While starting your downswing, see your weight shifting gradually to the left side and simultaneously get your right arm close to your body. Though subtle, this will be an effective move which will flatten out the swing plane to a considerable extent creating the perfect position to swing the club on the most appropriate path and execute the clubhead squared to the ball with enough power.

    The 90-Degree Angle Again

    Now all that remains of the downswing is a reaction to what was done earlier. Consistently maintain the 90 degree angle between the left forearm and club to the extent possible. Feel some flex in your knees and shift the weight from the right to the left side of your body. Your body should remain behind the ball during impact.

    After thus executing the takeaway and downswing skillfully, you will now return to the same position you had during the start of the swing. All else with the swing will follow naturally.

    Tire drill is a useful exercise for golfers. Line up an old tire at the position where the golf ball occurs in your swing. Under the normal set up, execute the takeaway and downswing by hitting the tire in the place of golf ball. This will help you perfect the Golf swing takeaway.

    Keep Practicing The Golf Swing Takeaway

    Practicing all that has been told so far in a consistent manner will help you master the Golf swing takeaway the perfect way.

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