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SwingTIPGolf is one of the most challenging games. The amount of accuracy and control that it demands from its players is truly exceptional. Therefore, it’s important that to enhance your golfing skills you should make every effort to improve control over your golf swing.

There are some devices available that can help you analyzing your golf swing, one of the most popular among those is SwingTip Golf swing analyzer. This review of SwingTip golf swing analyzer would do an in-depth analysis of this device, which would hopefully help you in determining its effectiveness in your golf training.

What is SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer?

SwingTip is like a golf coach standing next to you. It will tell you what happened on your each and every golf swing, why it happened, and how you can fix the mistakes. To get better insight into your golf swing you would get data performance statistics, instructional tips, comparison swings, videos, scorecards, swing animations, and many more things.

swingtip golf swing analyzer

You can attach this device to your golf club easily and it weighs only one ounce. Therefore, it doesn’t make any difference in your swing style, even the professionals can’t tell the difference if this device is attached to the golf club. All the data about your golf swing are updated and stored in the cloud so you can access it any time from our tablet or smartphone. This allows you to get best training at home, on the golf course, and on the range.

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SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer Features

The main features of SwingTip includes but not limited to :

  • Light weigh, just less than one ounce
  • Securely stay in place after the swing
  •  Auto-calibrationfor any type of clubs (e.g. iron, wood, driver)
  • Auto-detection of right and left-handed golfers
  • Analyzes and reproduces your swing in three dimensions
  • Activates mobile device’s video camera and audio recorder to capture a swing from address to follow-through
  • Supports Android and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod) including Apple AirPlay on Apple TV
  • Analyze reports of performance and trends at MySwingTip.com 24/7.

personally, one of the bet features of SwingTip is the Patent-pending ProView Motion Analysis™ engine which can be considered as of the most accurate analyzes in the market, hence, that why SwingTip stands out.

The SwingTIP ProView App uses SwingTIP Bluetooth-enabled motion sensor, to capture and analyze a player’s swing using “pattern-recognition” technology. SwingTIP ProView App instantly displays a visual rendering of the golf swing, identifies strengths, errors and impact metrics and provides instructional tips and videos. Let’s have a quick look on these features.

swingtip features

3D Swing – Impact Metrics

 With SwingTIP ProView you can examine your swing in the form of animation, from three different angles, which are top, front, and target. You can mark your favourite swings for future reference or to compare it with other swings using Compare-Mode. SwingTIP ProView provides you with a priceless fully-annotated instruction and tips videos by golf teacher Ray Leach that will definitely help your progression.

swingtip 3d sensor The metrics that can be captured with SwingTip sensor includes of club head impact: swing path, club head speed, impact zone, club face, swing tempo, and angle. Here’s a sample video clip

Auto-Video Capture

The video recorder of your mobile is activated with every swing. You can record your swing videos from different angles or positions. Thus you get better analysis to analyze you grip, arms movement, and posture. You also can get assistance in proper distance and angle with an easy-to-use smart tools. You also, have the option to start, stop forward and reverse playback allowing you to easily examine all aspects of your swing. Also, with Auto-Video capture features, you can share a video with a friend or coach with one touch.

Plane and Power Analysis

Get professional analysis and instant tips and from Jeff Ritter, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher, of swing plane and power across five separate checkpoints: top of swing, address, halfway through downswing, impact, and takeaway.

There are nine swing aspects across which SwingTip can pin-point your strengths and weaknesses, which are: takeaway, lie angle at address, downswing plane, top of backswing plane, release point/power store, arc of swing, backswing length/power load, transition, and power at impact.

SwingTIP bridges the gap between learning golf technically and learning the game of feel.

Ray Leach, Golf Instructor, Peacock Gap Golf Club


How to Install SwingTip ?

Installation of SwingTip is easy. There is a two clamp bracket, which you should place about 1/4-inch from the base of the grip of the chosen club. The device then slides into this clamp and it stays there secured even if you take full force swings. The stability and quality of the bracket is appreciable and is the best among similar devices available in the market. The bracket of this device has a visual aid to help you in its proper placement. Once the bracket is attached to the club, you can slide down the SwingTip until it gets locked to the bracket. The data gets updated on the tablet or smartphone, which is running the app of this device. All you need to do after installing the device in golf club, is to press the button on the end, the communication light would start flashing, start the app and make sure your Bluetooth is on.

 SwingTip vs. Swing Byte vs. Golf Sense

When compared to Swing Byte you get many more features in SwingTip. For example, you get the ability to star your favorite swings and compare them in future. You also the ability to share your data with friends and instructors, you can compare swing planes, and view training advice and tips. These features make SwingTip a better product to analyse your golf swing.

On the other side, I think SwingTip is better in terms od installation. Golf Sense attaches to the glove of the golfer, whereas SwingTip attached to the shaft, thus the data you get in SwingTip is much more relevant and reliable for further analysis of your golf swings.

How SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer Improves Your Golf Swing

This device connects to the app in your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. Therefore, the data of your swing is updated immediately after the completion of swing. Usually the time needed to update the complete data of a swing is not more than ten seconds. Once the data is updated, the app automatically moves into the animation mode and starts showing you the swing path of your recent swing. All captured data will be synchronized to your SwingTip.com account keeping track of your progress.

I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the cutting edge initiatives associated with the SwingTIP brand!

Jeff Ritter, Founder Jeff Ritter Golf and National Director of Nike Golf Schools & Junior Camps

Using the aforementioned Swing and Metrics Analysis feature you can analyze your swing in 3D display environment. Therefore, you get a better view of where you are making a mistake in your swing path. You can also star the videos that you like for future reference or comparison. You also get the drill videos and review tips by Ray Leach which are very helpful for different types of golf practice.

With Video Capture feature you can get actual view of your golf swings. You get the ability to analyze your posture, arms movement, and grip. This further helps you in improving your mistakes. You get the ability to view from different angle, or the angle you desire.

If you have the problem of your club is not hitting the sweet spot, then this problem would get solved with the help of Plane and Power Analysis feature. It allows you to analyze your golf swing on various swing aspects (e.g. takeaway, downswing plane, release power, arc of swing, backswing power load etc). This allows you to pin-point your flaws and that further helps in improving your performance.

Price and Availability

SwingTIPThe SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer is considered the cheapest Golf Swing Analyzer in the market. You can get it for just $119 from Amazon. There are some accessories that will make the SwingTip experience much more better, such as the Smartphone Hostler which allows you to make simple and consistent video recording for your full swing.



SwingTip Golf Swing App-cessory Won 2013 “Fresh” Award for New Product Innovation at DISTREE EMEA.swingtip award

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that SwingTip golf swing analyzer can help you immensely in improving your performance at playing golf. The ease of use, the light weight, the accurate analysis, the instructional video tips from professional golfers, are few of the features that makes it a great pocket golf coach that you can carry anywhere.

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