SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer Review


skypro golf swing analyzerTo the outside observer, golf may seem like nothing but a game where the players rely on force, coordination, and loads of luck to make their shots. However, those of us who have actually gotten acquainted with the game know that there are innumerable factors every golfer must take into consideration in order to make the perfect shot, and it starts with the swinging technique.

It can take golfer years upon years to develop the perfect technique (as much as that is possible), and if you aren’t tremendously experienced, chances are that there is still a lot of room for improvement. Thankfully, the concept of swing analysis exists, and it generally comes in the form of programs which give you feedback on how well you are swinging. Of course, it goes without saying that it takes a special kind of software to be able to detect golf swings and give advice on top of that, and that’s something SkyPro was built for.

What is SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer?

To explain it as simply as possible, the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer is a device which comes with an application that can be installed on your smartphone and/or computer (it can be used on iPhones, iPads and Android devices in order to analyze your swings. The program makes use of top of the line motion detection software in order to keep track of your movements, comparing the position of your limbs in relation to your body. It even takes into account the arc, speed and strength of your swing, meaning not a single detail will be spared from your watchful eye. The device itself must remain attached to the golf club in order to work properly.

SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer Features

SkyPro Features

Though the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer is certainly something to behold when it comes to its main feature (to analyze swings), there is so much more to it for the user to experience. For instance, it is capable of automatically gathering information from over a thousand data points on each and every swing and it is even capable of capturing up to 3200 samples every second. You don’t even have to push a single button to start the recording, and all of the information gets automatically transmitted to your smartphone, and that includes the swing path, club rotation, clubhead speed, swing place, face angle, tempo, impact position, and a bunch of other factors.

SkyPro Share Swing

As if that wasn’t already enough, the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer has 3D rendering capabilities, allowing you to examine and re-evaluate your swing from every angle imaginable, from face-on to top-down view. You can store thousands upon thousands of swings for 3D playback, actually giving you the ability to see whether or not you are improving as time goes by. Two sings can even be synchronized and played together for real-time comparisons.

Because the whole point of the program is help you improve and fix your mistakes, it has detection features that instantly let you know where you have committed a fault, whether it was at the top of the swing or at the point of impact. Basically-speaking, it’s almost akin to having a robotic coach next to you, pointing out all of your faults in the blink of an eye.

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Fortunately, SkyPro is not a complete downer in the sense that it allows you to set up custom goals for yourself and pave a road to improvement. There are even various drills designed to improve every aspect of your technique, including the swing path, hip rotation, shaft lean, impact angle, and more.

SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

How to Use SkyPro?

The SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer is actually quite easy to install and put to use. It comes in two main parts, with the first one being the hardware. It is a very small device with advanced motion sensors, and it needs to be attached to your golf club whenever you want to use it. The second part of the product is the software, and it can be downloaded and installed on an iPhone, iPad and Android. From there on out, all you will have to do is follow a few on-screen instructions so as to link the device to the software, and that’s really all there is to setting it up. When you make swings the data will be automatically recorded, sent to wherever the software is installed, and you will be able to analyze it as much as you want.

SkyPro vs. 3Bays and Other Analyzers

Before looking into how SkyPro can be of use to you, it is important to make sure it is indeed the best money can buy out there. At the moment, there aren’t many other applications which focus on golf swing analysis, with the most popular ones (apart from SkyPro of course) being GolfSense and SwingByte. Though SkyPro may cost more than the other options, it captures more data than the other applications, not to mention that it has a negligible weight of only 17 grams (seeing as how it’s attached to the club itself, the device’s weight is an important factor). At the moment, the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer gives the most accurate and complete feedback on your technique, making it worth the extra money.

How can SkyPro Improve your Golf Swing?

Perhaps the answer to that question is already clear, but the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer can help you to improve your technique by pointing out all of the faults in it. Because it is a machine it will not get tired, and each recorded swing will provide you with loads of data that will allow you to know exactly how well you are doing and where your weaknesses lie. As was mentioned once before, the experience can be likened to having a robotic coach with you at all times, pointing out your flaws as soon as they appear, preventing bad habits from setting in. Also, the various drills which come with the program can also be quite helpful, especially for beginners who aren’t sure what perfect technique looks like.

Where to Buy SkyPro?

Currently, Amazon offers 10% OFF the original price of SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer making it just $179 saving you $20 to be the best deal ever online for this amazing swing analyzer.

The Final Verdict

All in all, despite there being some other options to analyze your swing, the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer turns out to be the best one for a significant amount of people. It is relatively cheap for the features it provides, has very accurate recording and extensive analysis capabilities, and in the end, an avid player of the game can use it to make his or her swing as perfect as it will ever be. If you plan on playing the game for years to come and are genuinely looking to step it up a notch, SkyPro is a phenomenal opportunity to get ahead of the curve.



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