Learn the Proper Golf Swing Sequence

    Golf Swing Sequence
    Golf Swing

    Before studying the proper Golf swing sequence, you need to know that the Golf swing is quite a complex thing to learn. The reason is that it is not just moving the right body parts as many golfers might think. More than knowing which parts to move, you also need to learn the proper golf swing sequence in which you should move them. Movements should be coordinated with the right order, timing, rhythm and tempo. This is important to achieve good shots. The process of cultivating good swing consists of learning both the segments of a good swing as well as developing a feel of them in the realms of the mind. By mastering these aspects, you are on a sure way to perform good swings that will help you achieve good shots.

    The Right Golf Swing Sequence

    In order to learn the proper Golf swing sequence, observ skilled golfers like Player, Palmer and Nicholas, you will find them starting their swings with a little move triggering the action. For instance, Player often kicks in the right knee, Palmer waggles his club and Nicholas makes a slight turn of his head to the right. Any one of such movements can help players achieve a smooth and flowing start to their backswing and avoid any jerky movement that can ruin critical swing linkage. This was the first stage of the golf swing sequence

    Perform the Takeaway

    The takeaway needs a one-piece movement. It determines the shape and tempo of the swing. If you want to keep the club head low and the back swing complete, then perform a harmonious movement of the golf club, arms, hands and chest. It can start a powerful and wide move far from the ball.

     Set up the clubhead

    You need to move the club gradually inside the ball-to-target line during the start of the swing. However, it must lie outside your hands. If you commence the swing with the butt of the club, you can set the clubhead on the right plane. You can set the club on the right path by moving it in towards your right thigh.

    Open the clubhead a bit

    Imagine the club face as a gate that opens gradually in the clockwise direction synchronizing with your body motion. While setting the clubhead on the right plane, you must open it slowly.

    Check the club at the middle of the backswing

    This is really an important stage of your Golf swing sequence, keep your left arm very close to your body slightly splaying out your right elbow while pointing down to the ground. Cock your wrists completely so that your hands are at 90-degree angle with the club. From here it is easy to get to the top of backswing. This is also known as the slot.

    Turn your head to the right

    Feel some tension in your right knee. Comfortably place your left shoulder underneath your chin. If you let your head turn right while swinging back to the ball, you can find your spine rotating. In this way, your weight will move in the right direction. Ensure that the club is parallel to the target line when it reaches the shot.

    Turn the lower body

    Now, you will be able to unwind the whole of your body in one motion. The movement will bring about a swinging motion involving the arms, hands and the club letting the clubhead to peak through the impact. Focus more on swinging the clubhead and not on hitting the ball.

    Make your right arm straight and release

    Stay at 90 degree angle at the back of your wrists and quickly make right arm straight and release. Open up your body to the target which will widen your arc and find the clubhead on a square path to the ball.

    Firm up your body’s left side

    When your torso unwinds, you must firm up the left side of your body to support and resist the clubhead on release. Simultaneously drive your right side through the golf ball with maximum power. Stretch your arms fully and ensure your weight goes forward something like a lumber jack when it chops a tree. This is for generating the maximum impact. During practice sessions, you swing the club as you would do a baseball bat. Then lower the club to the ground and continue swinging the club in the same manner.

    Achieve the complete rotation of your body on impact

    For most players, their weight ends up in the left side of their body with the right heel up. As this happens, the knees touch slightly with the hips fully turned and the right shoulder pointing towards the target. Now if you speed up the clubhead through the swing, you will be carried through the swing.

    Take your hand high above the left shoulder and finish

    The final stage in golf swing sequence is that while completing the swing, players will be usually in their straight and balanced position. As you find in golf instruction manuals, you need to let your hands finish high above the left shoulder.

    Keep practicing this Golf swing sequence, and I promise you, that you will see much improvement in very short time span.

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