7 Tips on How to Hit a Fairway Wood

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Mastering how to hit a fairway wood can give a big boost to your golf skills. Interestingly, these are some of the most rarely used clubs in the bag. However, certain tough situations might need them. For instance, you will require them when you have chances at an eagle or save par from wayward drive. The amount of practice and the techniques you employ will help you succeed in this.

Beginners learning to play fairway woods can benefit from these following tips.

How to Hit a Fairway Wood: Tip 1

Never get confused between your irons and these clubs. You can however compare the distance leaving out the swing mechanics. While playing with your long irons you often feel the urge to take a big divot. But, this does not happen with fairway woods.

How to Hit a Fairway Wood: Tip 2

If you are not planning to attempt a fade or draw, you keep your feet in line with the target to the width of your shoulders. Play the ball a bit forward in line with your left foot. If you keep your arms extended and the spine straight, you will be able to achieve a bit more knee flex.

How to Hit a Fairway Wood: Tip 3

While playing rough, you must tap the club head behind the ball without touching it. This will tamp down some grass lying between the club and the ball. This is accepted unless you contact the ball.

How to Hit a Fairway Wood: Tip 4

While learning to hit fairway woods, it is advisable you keep your forward arm in a straight position when you make the swing. While you go through the backswing and downswing, you can turn your hips in order to generate more power. Never lift your head up. Fix your eyes on the ball.

How to Hit a Fairway Wood: Tip 5

Do not yield to the temptation to scoop the ball off the ground. Your job ends by hitting the ball in a clean manner, while the loft of the club will take care of the rest. It is not right to hit the ball too hard as many beginners do while learning to hit fairway woods. This can miserably ruin the shot.

In golf, the best thing is a smooth and controlled movement that stays well on the right swing path. With this, you can send the ball up, off and then to the target.

How to Hit a Fairway Wood: Tip 6

Often you might start feeling that the fairway wood is the right kind of club to use at some times. But, reflect for a moment before you pick one out of your bag.

While you are near to trees and away from green, the best club to use is an iron and not the green. If you know when to use them, you can master the fairway woods the best way. If you use the wrong kind of specialty club that does not suit an occasion, you will end up inviting troubles.

How to Hit a Fairway Wood: Tip 7

The best way to understand the different clubs is to put them to practice in the real time scenarios. You should learn the distance you can get from each of them. You need to gain an enough level of proficiency in hitting the ball cleanly. You will get this after a good amount of practice. Whenever it is possible, hit the ball out of sand traps.

These clubs are the most powerful tools to learn to hit fairway woods. By mastering the techniques listed so far, you can hope to ascend to new heights of your golf performance.

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