How to Hit a Draw


How to hit a draw in golf need not be difficult as you might imagine. To lower your scores and master the course, it is important you control the ball flight path.

How to Hit  a Draw
Hiting a Draw

Hitting a draw can be understood like this. In this process, the ball goes from right to left like a hook shot. The difference is however the control and game intelligence. A number of players spend innumerable hours to master this shot in order to send their ball over some more yards. While executed thoroughly, hitting a draw can let the ball fly lower and roll on the fairway. By mastering this technique, you can see a marked improvement in your golf proficiency.

There are some changes you need to do with your swing to learn this highly useful golf shot.

How to Hit a Draw: Tip1

The first thing to learn to hit a draw is to get a strong golf grip thereby rotating your hands a bit to the right on the club shot. In this process, you should not turn the shaft, but only your hands.

How to Hit a Draw: Tip2

You need to close your address stance a bit more. This will facilitate a full turn of your body to gain an adequate inside to outside swing path.

How to Hit a Draw: Tip3

Let your hand play some role while the club head contacts the ball. Roll back your right hand to the neutral position letting the club face close a bit. This is the point you gain a strong grip.

How to Hit a Draw: Tip 4

You need to keep your head down while completing your follow through. When you use the proper form you can let the ball start a path to the right. On reaching the apex the ball will come back to the left closing its curve around the center line.

If you happen to see the ball curve immediately to the left, it means you are executing a shot similar to a hook. Therefore, you will need more practice.

It is advisable to look down at the divot you are leaving. While shooting with an iron, your divot should occur a bit to the left of the target line or well in straight line with the target. It should not aim at the right.

How to Hit a Draw: Tip 5

You need enough practice to hit a draw correctly. Most golf gurus advise using a mid iron. The best choice could be the ‘6’ for most players. However, if your still find you are not able to do this shot well, then observe your grips. If they are softer and larger, then you will not be easily able to see the desired action on the ball.

Never get discouraged if you are to see many hooks in the beginning. This is but natural and could be expected with most players. It needs a good amount of practice to get the technique of rotating your hands to the right to get a better grip. It is good to work on every small adjustment and see how it works with a few shots. In this way you can fine tune the process till you are satisfied.


While employing mid iron to perfect your shots, move up towards performing with the driver. Talking of hitting a draw, this is perhaps the most difficult club to master. Try with the easier clubs in the beginning and move on to more difficult ones and finally the driver. Once you acquire this technique, then you have crossed a significant mile stone with your game.

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