How To Fix a Slice


If you look forward to some concrete ways of improving your swing, you can benefit from the tips given in this article on how to fix a slice in Golf.

how to fix a slice
Golf Slice

How to Fix a Slice: Tip 1

There can be several reasons for the slicing of golf ball. Perhaps the most important one among them is an improper set up. You must ensure that your body is well aligned with the target line when you address the ball. Even if there is a slight variation in this, it can invariably lead to the slicing of the ball.

How to Fix a Slice: Tip 2

Before swinging, spend a moment to reflect on your grip. It is a rule that you must be able to see two to three of your left hand knuckles. If you see less or more than this, then something has gone wrong with your grip and you need to adjust it if you want to resolve the issue.
Never grasp your club too tightly. This will impinge on your capacity to release on impact. If you hold the club loosely, you will end up letting your club head wiggle on contact letting the ball escape off the course.

How to Fix a Slice: Tip 3

While coming to the strike zone, players need to make a complete turn of their hip. If this does not happen, the ball will hit to the far right. Strike the ball with the club face square and you will find the ball fly straight. If the hip does not turn full on through impact, this is almost impossible. A full turn of the hip can rectify this and train finishing high.

How to Fix a Slice: Tip 4

Another key tip to drive ball straight is to focus on slowing your motions. Most players tend to speed up their swing in hoping to gain more distance. In this effort, their hands move ahead of other body parts letting the club face open during impact. If this happens, then the ball is bound to veer towards right.

How to Fix a Slice: Tip 5

Though this tip is told a number of times, it is worth repeating once more here. You need to keep your head down till the time you complete the swing. If they follow their urge to look at the ball on contact to see where it goes, they make a fraction of second deviation resulting in a poor shot. Most players do not realize that they are lifting their head. If you wonder that you are hitting the ball to the right too many times, then it is advisable that you let someone watch your head movements while you make a few shots.
Lifting the head might happen due to another reason also. During impact, the right shoulder comes in contact with the chin and this brings about an automatic response to lift the head. If you want to prevent this, then you must keep the shoulder in its original position.


The golf tips said so far can help the players tremendously. However, it is necessary that you put these tips into practice to master them. If you reflect on your shortcomings and make the necessary adjustments, you can see the ball flying straight.

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