How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight


Let’s discuss some good tips and a systematic practice that will let you learn how to drive a golf ball straight with ease. Driving a golf ball is the most crucial thing you need to learn as a golf player. The fact is that the driver is the most difficult clubs to master. As the club becomes harder, it gets more difficult to use it conveniently.

How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight
Driving Golf Ball

How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight : Tip 1

To be called the best shot off the tee, the shot should not have imparted a lot of backspin to the ball. Also, it should travel low and should have the power necessary to add yards upon landing. By mastering these techniques, you can certainly hope to be a proficient golfer.

How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight : Tip 2

There is something very important every golfer must know about sending the ball straight. You must realize the importance of leverage which you must maintain throughout the full swing. It is possible to achieve proper leverage by ensuring that your head is always behind the ball.

How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight : Tip 3

There is yet another thing that golfers need to know regarding distance. In driving the ball for more yards, club head speed plays a predominant role than the arm strength. By using your muscle power to drive the ball, you might end up seeing a poor hit. Realize that it is only the hips and legs that generate speed and power and make use of them the right way.

Drivers are the least flexible among different drivers when we talk of the swing path. Keep the swing plane as low as possible when you begin your backswing.

How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight : Tip 4

The crucial tip in driving the ball straight is to lead the club with your hands during impact. People mean this when they say, “let your wrists break”.

You must avoid a common mistake done by most golfers. Never stop your swing immediately after hitting the ball. Move your arms and body all the way through the swing and also the follow through.

You should not grip the club too tightly. Make it a point not to chop at the ball, you must concentrate on whipping it.

How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight : Tip 5

If you feel you have a tendency to slice the ball, then try it is advisable to slow your downswing. Coming down too fast or hard can send you out of the proper swing path. It is important to check your grip to avoid slice. If you look at your hand, you must be able to see two or three knuckles of your hand. If this is not the case, then you might cause a slice.

This grip rule can hold good for those hooking the ball. If you happen to see more or less than two to three knuckles while turning down, you might cause a slice.

How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight : Tip 6

Ensure you are not pulling or pushing the ball, which might occur when you come off the tea or hit the fairway. If you want to find this out, then look at the divot that you have left behind. You can know that your body is not properly aligned if the divot points to the left or right of your target line.


 If you want to master the driving techniques in golf, then you need to practice these tips systematically that will help you drive the balls straight.

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