How to Cure A Slice


Most golfers feel it is very important to know how to cure a slice. Though there are a number of golf shot flaws including hook, shank, etc; slice can get the players to desperate frustration. Surprisingly, learning how to cure a slice is not that difficult as you could imagine. With some easy tips, you can overcome this problem and enjoy a fantastic golfing experience.

how to cure a slice
Golf Slice

One reason why you end up sending your shots to the right hand tree line is that you have not taken enough time to set it properly.

How to Cure A Slice: Tip 1

First and foremost, learn your set up before attempting to learn how to cure a slice. It is an established technique that your left foot is under your left shoulder for most kinds of shots. Remember that the ball can never travel straight by setting it up with an open or closed shoulder.

How to Cure A Slice: Tip 2

The next useful tip is this. Closely examine your grip. Never clench the club tightly in your hands. This will hamper your swing. On the other hand, if you clench it too loosely, then it is most likely that the club face will move on impact. If your grip is neutral, then the results are certainly the best.

How to Cure A Slice: Tip 3

Always check how your hands are positioned on the shaft. Assume your normal stance, grip the club and look down at your hands. You must see just two knuckles of your left and nothing more than that. If this happens, then things are perfect. Reverse this observation for the other hand in case of left-handed golfers.

How to Cure A Slice: Tip 4

One of the best strategies to cure slice is this. Let the club face strike the ball when the face is square. The ball will veer to the right if the club face is open. If you feel most of your shots end up going to your right, then the obvious reason could be that there is something wrong with your left turn. It is necessary that your hips make a smooth full turn when you move through your downswing, while making the impact and also during the follow through. Bear in mind that you should strike the ball only with the face of the club square. This will happen only if your hips rotate smoothly. Continue with the hip rotation and swing even after striking the ball till you get a fine and high finish.

How to Cure A Slice: Tip 5

If you pick up the head too soon, then it is very much likely that you will send the ball into right field. If you follow your innate push to see the ball to know where it goes, a micro-second deviation can happen that might mostly result in a bad hit.

Swinging too fast is one of the most common mistakes that new golfers do. As they begin their downswing, most golfers speed up their hands hoping to add more power and distance. Though the club speed is important, remember it should ensue from the whole body and not just the hands alone.

Spend enough time to discover what is going wrong and spare the efforts necessary to rectify them. Every player has his or her own unique swing. There may be some slight mistakes that you do and you can correct them with a proper approach. Unlearning the bad moves is more important than learning new moves.

I highly recommend Dave Moore’s guide to curing golf slice which is called “The Dave Way”. His guide will teach you a simple method to cure that slice quickly:
cur a golf slice


Though curing slice is not that difficult, you need to spare the time and effort necessary for this through a constant practice. After solving the problem, you will get a highly thrilling golfing experience.

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