How to Correct A Slice


    There are several strategies for golf and how to correct a slice is one such important process. By working on a few problems you can do this easily. Over a period of time, certain slice correcting tips have been established and you need to know them.

    There are a number of issues that can lead to slicing the ball. While there are more obvious causes than the other less obvious ones, one of the most important causes to slice happens during addressing.

    how to correct a slice
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    So, how to correct a slice? It is very common for many golfers to go for square stance during addressing. During this process, it is natural that the feet, hip and shoulders fall in perfect line with the target. Therefore it is most likely that the ball flies to its right if you move your left foot too forward letting the club’s face open. It is necessary that the left foot should be directly under the left shoulder.

    The same is very much true for the shoulders and hips too. The chances for the ball to fly straight is very less if they are not square.

    Correct Your Grip

    Now you need to know the ways of correcting your grip. Most new players tend to grasp their clubs very tightly. This will cause the club face to open while contacting the ball. If this happens, then the ball will naturally fly to its right. On the other hand, if the grasp is very loose, it will cause the head wobble leading to slicing or hooking.

    Be Tight and Neutral

    The important thing is that your grasp should be tight and neutral at the same time. Look down and check your grip. It is OK if you can spot two to three of your left hand knuckles. If you are unable to see any knuckle, then this could be an indication that the grasp is improper. While coming back into the hitting zone, your hands will automatically rotate to the neutral position which will let the club face open.

    Full Rotation

    Adjust your hands and not the club by rotating them until you can see a couple of your knuckles. Making use of this new grip, try to hit a few balls. It will be surprising to note that minor adjustments in the grip can do wonderful things. You need to improve ton this until you find the right position for you. Once you find this out, make it a part of you.

    Swing Tempo

    It is important to demonstrate swing tempo while correcting slice. Most golfers make use of their arms to power the operation hoping to get some extra yards. In most case, this will not work. Once the players get to the topmost position of their backswing, they let their hands take over and give a lead to the downswing. Thus everything else will follow the hands during the downward movement letting the club face open up for sure.


    Right from the beginning of the game to its end, be cool and smooth. Never yield to the temptations to jerk the club once you are at the top of your backswing. You will never know how to correct a slice If your hips start the downswing, then everything else will automatically follow in place.

    Conclusion on How to Correct A Slice

    Still don’t know how to correct a slice? Look at your divot. If the divot points too far to the right, then possibly there is some problem with you. You need to once again check your posture during address and ensure that your feet, hips and shoulders are all well in straight line with the target.

    By fixing one or two mistakes that you do, you will be able to know how to correct a slice. However, this requires a lot of practice and commitment on your part. Make it a point to work through the possible causes and you will eventually discover the solution and you will start enjoying the game better.

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