How to Calculate Golf Handicap?


    The golf handicap system is put into practice at golf courses for the purpose of tournament play, however, understanding how this system works and how to calculate golf handicap  is rather very easy to grasp. It is very common to give away trophies and prizes at the end of golf tournaments considering golf scores. To ensure that the game remains a fair play, the handicap system is implemented taking into account the ten lowest differentials calculated of the last twenty games played in a given seasons on an eighteen hole golf course. Some golf associations might accept fewer games than this also. Also this can be used for the purpose of implementing fair play outside the tournaments too.

     Calculate Golf Handicap

    Handicap numbers are documented in a thirty-six scale with number one being the lowest handicap and thirty-six being the highest handicap. A scratch player is one who does not have any handicaps.

    calculate golf handicap
    How To Calculate Golf Handicap –

    Let us discuss how to calculate Golf handicap and how these numbers are arrived. Consider two players with the handicaps of ten and twenty respectively. The difference between them is ten stokes. In this case, in order to even up the match, the player having the lower handicap needs to give out ten golf strokes to the other player on an eighteen hole golf course. This is to ensure fair play. Now let us move to identify the holes on which they will be given out.

    Have a look at a golf score card. A typical score card will have numbers 1 to 18 adjacent to Men’s HCP and Ladies’ HCP. These numbers will be most probably out of order. The logic behind how they are arranged is to be said here. Usually, the number 1 is the most difficult golf hole and number 18 is the easiest of them all. The architect of the golf course is the deciding authority to sequence the number as per the difficulty level. In this process, the yardage and the slope rating or the difficulty of the golf hole are taken into account.

    Therefore, so far we have been able to ascertain the number of golf strokes to be given out and from where they need to be gathered. In the case we are discussing, the player with the higher handicap of twenty is given 10 golf strokes for eighteen holes on holes numbered between 1 and 10. This arrangement will make the match very closer if both the players play within their game. In this example, it works out to one stroke on every other golf hole taking into account how the golf course is laid out. In another example, we can talk about a scratch player versus a thirty-six handicap player, where the scratch player will have to give out two strokes on every hole.

    After knowing how to calculate Golf handicap, the next step is documenting your handicap and incorporating it in a handicap system, you can see the game remains a fair play is most golf matches while playing against opponents.

    For a golf handicap system, you can consult your local golf pro or association or an official guide in order to maintain an approved handicap. If you are a member in a golf course, the association will surely have a system implemented for the purpose of tournament play. Often, these are recognized by most golf associations and courses. There are also software programs available for recording a golf handicap.

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