How to Break 80


    Most players really do wonder how to break 80. As a matter of surprise, accomplished golfers get this with great ease. This is something like a magic number for several professional players. If you have to consult different golfers regarding this, each of them might give a totally different answer. This article explores one good way of how to break 80.

    how to break 80
    How to Break 80 –

    During typical golf rounds, players move ahead making a variety of shots ranging from driving to putting. It is necessary that you master your tee shots before learning how to break 80. In order to cover what is said in this article, tee shots can be taken off the tee area using any club like the driver or the pitching wedge.

    The one reason why most golfers do not achieve this magic number is that they lose a good number of tees off the tee.

    Just a few wayward tee shots can ruin your chances to score well. By hitting a ball hard into the deep woods, you might finally discover a bogey at the end of that hole. By professionally mastering all of the tee shots, you can hope to learn how to break 80.

    Achieving controlled distance is one way to master your tee shots. On par 5 holes, this can most probably set you up for possible eagles, while it might set you on birdies on the other holes. This will give you the scores necessary to play consistently in the mid to high 70s.

    More Tips to Enhance Your Tee Shots.

    Every player must be able to allot some quality time to practice tee shots. You need to discover what works well for you keeping in mind that you may have to settle with a small tee shots arsenal.

    Give enough time to experiment different tee heights. Start with high, proceed to medium and then to low tees. While practicing the low tee, you can gain some good control.

    Yet another tip to how to break 80 is to work with different grip levels of the club. For instance, by lowering your hands on the shaft, you can enhance your control and enable some fast adjustments during swings.

    Use all your tee clubs and start a practice schedule. Also make it a point to include those you will have to use for short par-3. Whatever club is suitable for the distance before you, you must be able to hit off the tee. This should even include your pitching wedge.

    By mastering the techniques to break 80, most golfers proceed up to 460 cc drivers. However, you need some good time to master the heavier clubs.

    Players need to realize that the main thing here is not just achieving added distance off the tee; it is also gaining some consistent control. Comparing between distance and control, control is more important than distance.

    One Last Tip to how to Break 80

    Spend the necessary time to practice all these tips to hit off the tee. With a consistent and systematic practice, you will discover that you are beginning to master what you dreamt of.

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