Golf Swing Basics

Golf swing basics
Golf Swing

Talking of golf swing Basics, this article will not address the most common aspects like posture, grip, alignment and ball position as these are highly discussed topics in golf. Leaving out these aspects, we need to focus on more important factors to ball striking including plane, face, radius, and centering. As a golf player, you need to gain a great amount of mastery over these four factors to cut down your golf handicaps. Often neglected by expert writers, these four aspects in golf are crucial in determining consistency. Even small setbacks with these factors can cause mis-hit shots, slicing or hooking irrespective of how good your posture, grip, alignment and ball position are.

Golf Swing Basics: Plane

In the game of golf, you can understand ‘plane’ in this way. While looked from a face or perspective, you should be able to perceive a circular like swing though it cannot be a pure circle. As you look from down the target line, you must be able to say that the circle is tilted in alignment to the angle of the club shot while addressing. This region will make the direct and the most powerful course back towards the golf ball.

While moving towards the ball during downswing, the club must occur within its predefined plane. The swing plane might change between different players from the height of their waist during downswing to the same height during finish. But, the club should move in the same plane while addressing in order to gain a solid shot. While observing accomplished golfers at the bottom of their swings, you will see the club getting back to the same plane of address.

Golf Swing Basics: Face

Gaining control over the clubface during impact is crucially important in golf. To achieve this, you must ensure that your hands are at the same position both during address and while contacting the ball. It is acceptable if it is a bit forward. By returning your hands to the same position, you will let the clubface point to the same direction as it was during the set up.

You can hold the club in three ways during addresses namely the weak, neutral and strong grips. Hands to the left of the grip is called as weak, middle of the grip is termed neutral and the right side of the grip is known as neutral. What is best for you depends on which one you are able to execute naturally over your golf life. It is common that all these three types of grips are found among different accomplished golfers who are able to hit the balls straight. The reason is that addressing the ball is more important than your grip. For instance, if you have a strong grip at address, you should not move on to the weak grip during impact. If this does not happen, then the club face is bound to open up during impact.

Golf Swing Basics: Radius

Radius can be described as the distance between your left shoulder and the club shaft’s end. In other words, it is the center of the golf swing and the outer edge. Players need to maintain the radius by keeping the lead arm in line with the arm at impact, which is also called good timing.

Maintaining radius enables a solid strike. Many golfers tend to force the shaft of the club past the lead arm even before the impact. This is a wrong move since it is most likely to let the club face travel up instead of traveling down and will therefore result in a fat or thin shot. If you lose the radius, you will end up with hooking, slicing, mis-shot or losing distance.

Golf Swing Basics: Centering

On of the most important Golf swing basics is Centering. Centering pertains to the spine and club during address. Lateral movements of the heads and spines are often permitted. However, you can see accomplished golfers keep these centers steady. There are two dimensions to a steady center. Looking from down the line, the bend forward from your hips remains constant throughout the swing while addressing the ball. A face-on perspective should see the spine and head (the center) remain constant. The swing revolves around your center.

Wishing to become an accomplished golfer, it is important you master these Golf swing basics namely plane, fact, radius, and center. Once you become proficient in them, you will find your golf skills sharpen automatically.

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