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Before getting into details about the best Golf swing analyzer in the market, let’s talk about Golf swing analysis in general. Whatever may be your reasons to play golf, achieving a proper golf swing is the most basic, but crucial part of mastering the game. To put it in other words, without learning the proper golf swing, you can never hope to achieve proficiency in the game of golf. You may ask why do a lot of people talk about golf swing and why is it challenging to master? The reason is this. Golf gurus and accomplished golf players will accept the fact that the physics of the correct golf swing is a complex set of awkward movements, if you can call so, since it is quite far from the natural movement that your body can automatically follow without any intervention. Therefore, it is more than said that you do not get golf swing just like that by watching someone play or trying a few postures and strokes yourself. To achieve a proper swing, you need to strive constantly through a systematic practice of the right set of golf movements (Stack and Tilt may help you with that). In addition, you need to practice a few conditioning exercises prescribed to rectify your golf swing. For beginners and expert golfers alike, learning the right techniques to swing the golf club and how to play good golf can be one of the most challenging, but highly rewarding experiences.

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The Importance of Golf Swing Analysis

There are a number of online as well as offline sources to learn about golf. A number of golf swing tips and articles enable you learn the various aspects of golf. They tell you how to achieve full swing, proper grips and curing unwanted slice or hook. They teach you the right putting, short game, and driving. You can learn from them golf fitness, rules of golf, etiquettes of the game and mental game. Going through them will help you learn the nuances of the game. However, the problem is not simple as this. First, you need to be able to filter the useful information from those that are not workable. Secondly, learning a good amount of information will not be of much use unless you know how good your swing is and take the remedial measures to improve your golf swing in a systematic way.

Golf swing though challenging is not a magician’s trick. There are no hidden secrets to hit good golf shots. You need to acquire the correct art and science of coordinating your physical movements so that you can let them control the ball’s flight in the perfect way. This is all about analyzing and perfecting your golf swing. Analyzing your golf swing and those of the experts will let you know what is good and bad in a golf swing, the connection between cause and effect and how to adopt certain good things into your own golf swing. Today there are a number of sophisticated golf swing analyzer tools that significantly ease the process of golf swing analysis. These programs have taken advantage of the advanced techniques in the field of digital imaging and graphics to give you some invaluable ways to analyze and perfect your golf swing. Following are some good golf swing analyzers you can think of.

Swingbyte Golf Swing Analyzer

Swingbyte is a 3-D golf swing analyzer that can capture the key metrics from a given golf swing in real time and instantly transmit the information and the visual representation of it to the player’s Android or Apple mobile device. To get it working, you just need to power the device on and enable the Bluetooth of your phone and the rest is for you to use and enjoy. Most people deem swingbyte golf swing analyzer a highly useful tool as it enables golfers see where their club is during different points of the swing. Amazon offer 30% OFF SwingByte, so grab it before the prices go higher again. SwingByte has just released the newer version of it’s flagship device and called SwingByte 2. It is available now on Amazon with relatively higher price of $149.

SkyGolf’s SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

SkyGolf is the manufacturer of an innovative range of positioning systems and technology to benefit golfers by easing Golf swing analysis. SkyPro is the official Rangefinder of the PGAs of America, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain and Sweden. SkyPro comes in the size of a flash drive and can be easily attached to any golf club shaft. The highly powerful 3D inertial motion sensors of this device can capture thousands of data points from address to impact. Playbacks are displayed in golfer’s smartphone. The high speed capture rate of the device records 3,200 samples per second. Compare this against even the most powerful video cameras that can capture only 20-60 frames per second. It can also automatically store the data online for viewing later. Besides giving feedback on successful shots as well as common flaws, SkyPro features fun challenge sessions to perfect your swing so as to be called a personal trainer on the move with you always.Click here for in-depth SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer review.


3BAYS GSA PRO is the world’s lightest golf swing analyzer at one third of an ounce with a dimension of 1×1 inch. Its smart design allow easy set-up, basically, just attach it to the end of the driver or iron and you’re done. The initiative motion tracking system is powered by sophisticated 3-axis accelerometer that converts your swing to 10,000 digital signals to provide the highest accuracy possible. All data captured will be instantly transmitted to your smartphone via the built-in bluetooth adapter, so no wire are required as opposed to other analyzers. It is compatible with iOS and Android and comes with a free GSA Pro app. 3Bays is now on sale for just $198.95 at Amazon. Click here for detailed review of 3Bays GSA Pro.

GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer

A proud rendering of GolfSense, GolfSense Revolutionary 3D Golf Swing Analyzer can be easily attached to any golf glove and it’s so light (just 17 grams). The analyzer features a powerful motion engine that accurately capture the velocity, tempo, posture and acceleration which enables an in-depth analysis of your golf swing. The apps interface is so simple and presented the data collected by the sensor in such clear way to understand. Based on  your swing history, the App can detect your flaws and provide you with guidance and recommendation to help you overcome these mistakes, and consequently,  improve your swing. Several experts say GolfSense Revolutionary 3D Golf Swing Analyzer offers perhaps the most comprehensive feedback of golf swing among all those other analyzers have to offer. The GolfSense 3D Analyszer compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android mobile devices.

SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer

SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer is one of the cheapest Golf swing analyzers on the market , however, it features very sophisticated and accurate golf swing analysis. The SwingTip analyzer can be easily fitted into the club as it only weights less than one ounce. SwingTip allows you to view your swing playback in 3D slow motion which makes it easy to monitor your swing and detect your mistakes. SwingTip ProView App which is compatible with both iOS and Android can then provide you with great tips and instructions from the Golf Digest best young teacher, Jeff Ritter. SwingTip Golf Swing App-cessory has Won the 2013 “Fresh Award” for New Product Innovation at DISTREE EMEA. SwingTip sports very cool and advanced features such as auto calibration, auto detection of left and right handed golfers, auto activation of mobile phones camera and many others which you can read the full review of SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer

Golf Swing Analyzer3D PlaybackSmartphone CompatibilityWeight (Ounce)Installed On price
SkyPro GolfYesiOS only8 Club
SwingByteYesiOS and Android0.5Club
SwingByte 2YesiOS and Android1Club
GolfSense 3DYesiOS and Android0.6Glove
3Bays GSA PROYesiOS only7.8Club
SwingTipYesiOS and Android1Club
SwingSmartYesiOS only12Club


Most golf swing analyzers measure the golf club movement and not the ball or the body. They give you the complete information regarding the golf club such as path, plane, speed, rotation, acceleration and impact conditions, which are very valuable to improve your golf swing. Irrespective of the efficiency and sophistication of the golf swing analyzer tool that you use, you must bear in mind a few things. Using them is fun as well as a learning experience. But, unless you make use of them the right way, you cannot really benefit from them.

The point is this. While using golf swing analyzers, it is quite common for most golfers to become fixed on what data they see on the screen rather than focusing on the golf shot. This can also happen when an instructor analyzes your golf swing. Golf swing analyzers are packed with a lot of data and unless you are careful, you will fall victim to what is known as “paralysis by analysis”. You need to use them for what you really need and there is no point in digging into the unnecessary depths. If you are guided by this idea, then golf swing analyzers should work miracles for you.

No doubt, golf swing analyzers are wonderful tools for self-diagnosis to discover what is wrong with your golf swing. However, remember they cannot replace an instructor. They just capture what happens during your swing and let you see it as it happened. You should learn lessons from your swing and take the remedial measures to rectify the flaws in your swing. Practice, practice, practice and there is never a short cut than this to master the game of golf.

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