Golf Driving Tips


    Every golf player would like to know good golf driving tips to further their skills. Irrespective of your proficiency level in the game, there are some established techniques that help in better driving. It is a commonly observed fact that most golfers are able to do well with fifty percent of their shots while they miss out the remaining. However, by following some useful golf driving tips, golf players can significantly enhance their performance irrespective of their proficiency level.

    Golf Driving Tips
    Golf Driving Tips

    Though you might come across a number of articles on golf driving tips, most of them do not give reliable and quality information. In fact, it is common to see that most articles miss out some crucial driving tips that ought to be covered in the first hand.

    Most players do not realize that they need to focus more on accuracy than distance. The reason is this. Players must always keep the ball in play. If you succeed in driving the ball over long distances and then the ball hooks or slices into woods, then all your effort will go waste.

    While players take their address on the tee, it is important they focus on the right posture. The right posture might differ between people. However, there are some common points that can benefit all.

    One of the Golf driving tips players must know, is to always keep their feet shoulder width apart. Also, it is important to play the ball off your left heel. Throughout the game, your head should always be positioned behind the ball.

    Some golfers either stand straight or slump over too much when they address the ball. It is important to have some flex in the knees and this is the ideal position. The position similar to shortstop in baseball is the right position.

    There is a very important technique to achieve a big drive. Contrary to most people’s belief, hard hits result in poor drive. Players new to the game must beat this in mind. By ripping the ball, you can never send it across more distances. However, this can be done by maximizing the speed in which the club descends down to strike the ball. To be precise, the faster the club speed, the more will be the distance.

    Golf Driving Tips for Bigger Clubs

    While talking of golf driving tips in golf game, it is very important to say something about bigger 460cc clubs. These clubs feature extra weight necessary to pass on more energy while contacting the ball. This club is greatly popular among most players. However, mastering them is not that easy. You need a considerable practice to master them. They can’t take this club laying down their old one without some good amount of training.

    Players using 460 cc clubs need to tee the balls higher. Considering the type of club they use, the height can be decided. If you look forward to get the ball high enough off the ground, then buy some new and taller tees.

    There is something very important to be told about better driving. Practice is the best thing required for golfers. There is no alternative to consistent and steady effort to master this game. This holds good for your tee shots also. If you have the constraints of finding time, then allot not less than 30 minutes per week. During your practice, you can work with one or two clubs besides your driver.

    Finally, in order to enhance those skills, you need to know a great deal of information on the game. While there are several online sources to learn about golf tips, we highly recommend The Simple Golf Swing training program.





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