Golf Driving Distance Tips


    If you look forward to learn some golf driving distance tips, a few points can help you. Some established techniques can significantly help improve your yardage. However, you need to practice those golf driving distance tips to master them.

    Golf Driving Distance Tips
    Golf Driving Distance Tips

    First and foremost, you need to bear that you must never compromise on accuracy for length. Think of this. If you are going to hit your ball the long way down the fairway, you cannot just let it end up in the water hazard. If you are a successful player, then you must let accuracy triumph over distance. Right handed players need to angle their left foot to gain some additional yards. Primarily, your hips are the main source of power. The implication is this. Though your hands hold the club and swing it, it is your hip that generates the energy necessary to hit the ball for long shots.

     You can facilitate a complete turn of your hip by angling your left foot by a few degrees outside. As a result of this, there will be some boost in your power that will increase the yardage.

     Make it a point to watch your posture while taking stance. Flex your knees at address and help your hips generate the energy required to hit the ball. With this technique, you can facilitate the shifting of your weight from right to left in a smooth way when you hit the ball.

     Till you have come to this point of training in golf, you have not found your hands playing a bigger part in golf swing. While your hip move through the strike zone and the club head touches the ball, snap your right hand forward. You may find this a bit tough. However, this is one of the most invaluable golf driving distance tips for golf players. By mastering this technique, you can very easily achieve ten to twenty yards. In fact this works better with tee shots and fairway shots.

     In their attempt to get some extra yards, the common tendency of most players is to muscle their way along the swing and hit the ball with their arms.

    The one simple way to add yards to your shots is to boost the speed of your club head. Players with more muscular power can do this easily. However, you might fail in this if you use your arm as the main source of power. Frequently, the club face might close or open leaving a hook or slice that might decrease the distance. Never entertain an urge to rip the ball.

    You can tremendously benefit if you can add up the draw shot to your set of golf skills. A draw happens when a ball moves to its right leaving the tee and then curves back to the left. This is a trajectory kind of shot and normally rolls over a significant distance while landing on a fairway. Most professionals deem this as their favorite shot.

    The Conclusion

    All the above said golf driving distance tips can benefit you tremendously. However, any tip can be useful to you only when you seriously apply it into your practice and master it. Follow the golf driving distance tips you learnt so far to enhance your golf game skills and yardage.



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