Golf Downswing


    Most players might eagerly look forward to master their golf downswing. This article combines a few good tips to benefit them. Players new to golf will find these tips highly useful.

    Golf Downswing
    Golf Downswing

    The internet and media is proliferated with innumerable articles on golf issues. Some of the most popular topics include takeaway, follow through, stance, backswing and several others. However, recreational players would always want to learn some good golf downswing tips to overcome this challenge.

    As you make a comeback from the top position of your backswing, your body is able to generate the necessary power to hit the ball. Besides the power innate in the move, the body applies some speed on the club head that is crucially needed to create distance.

    There is something very important with regard to golf downswing tips and it is ensuring smooth transition from the top position of the backswing to the starting position of your downswing. It is a common tendency among a number of players to jerk the club at the top position of their backswing. Worse than this can happen if they knock their body out of sync using the club which might under most cases leave a nasty hook or slice.

    If you let your hands lead the club at the top of the backswing, you can follow this simple fix. At the top of your backswing, you need to pause for a micro-second before moving. You commence the motion from your hips duly followed by arms, hands, shoulders and then the body. In this way, you can find a smooth transition and add yards to your shots. You will also be able to control your ball the better way.

    There is a very useful golf downswing tip you need to remember. Always keep your hand ahead of your club head when it strikes the ball. This technique will help transfer the complete built-up energy to the ball. If by mistake your hands fall behind the club head during impact, you will end up wasting all the energy. Therefore, never let your hands commence the downswing process.

    Most importantly, always keep your head behind the ball. This is one of the most useful ways in which you can increase the power and leverage you have developed with your coil. If you let your head drift before the ball, you will see your club head pulled off from its swing path that will result in a poor shot.

    You also need to learn a great deal about acceleration tip. While your body uncoils, you will see your club head pick up speed. You should let the acceleration begin while you start your downswing. However, this must continue all along the way till the strike zone. The moment the club connects with the ball, you should not attempt to hold back. Your follow-through must be full and as smooth as possible.

    There are not many golf downswing tips. Something important is however to be said about full-swing. First you need to master the smooth and good downswing to get the desired distance. If you practice well and spare the effort necessary for this, you can get it very easily.

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