Golf Chipping Tips


    Before talking about Golf chipping tips I would like to mention that there is something common you can learn from accomplished golfers like Jose Maria Olazabal, Tiger Woods, and Sergio Garcia. Often, they never hit into trouble. If they have to, then they save themselves by short games. Accurate chipping is a highly useful strategy in short game. Truly speaking most golfers with low handicaps are the ones who can chip accurately.

    Golf Chipping Tips
    Golf Chipping Tips

     Chip shot is an easy shot to learn in golf. However, it is a crucial one. During medal play, accurate chipping can help you save a few strokes on a hole. Remember winning or losing a hole may often decide the fate of a match. Players who have better rankings are known to demonstrate proficiency in golf chipping.

     One of the important Golf chipping tips to achieve an accurate chipping, you must combine your confidence, experience and imagination. There are some keys to accurate chipping.

     1. First decide the landing spot

    2. Depend on a one-piece takeaway

    3. Ensure your weight is on the front side

    4. See to that your hands are ahead of the clubhead

    5. Improve your hold on the clubhead

    6. Speed up the club through the ball

    Accomplished golfers deploy a wide variety of shots around the green. For example, consider this. In a given spot, one may use a sand wedge while another may feel comfortable to use a 9 iron. irrespective of which club they use, the common thing they do is to determine the landing spot on the first hand and then play the ball off their left heels.

    One of the most important golf chipping tips here is to pick up the landing spot and deploying a one-piece takeaway, which are of same importance in chipping as well as driving. You need to hit this shot with the help of your arms and hands and therefore need very little or no weight transfer. Therefore see to that your weight is on the front side and maintain it there. You need to see to that you keep your head still while hitting the golf ball.

    The backswing is equally important. The longer your backswing, the longer will be the shot. Take care of your backswing while chipping. Bring the club back smoothly and slowly letting your wrists hinge naturally, this is indeed one of crucial golf chipping tips.

    During downswing, you hands should stay ahead of the clubhead so that the ball-before-turn contact is crisp. The purpose is this. The blade of the clubhead must slide under the ball and in this process it should take only a silver of turf.

    Never let your right hand cross over your left during the impact. The technique called ‘holding the clubhead’ keeps the club face open giving way to a high shot that lets the ball land softly on the ground.

    While finishing the backswing, your hands must be slightly higher than the height of the backswing. In this way you can make sure that you have successfully speeded up the clubhead through the ball. You can imagine this motion similar to throwing a ball underhanded.

    More Golf Chipping Tips

    One of the best exercises you can do for better chipping is change-the-club drill. This will replicate the experience of hitting from the borders of a green or fairway when the landing spot is just three feet away, but the ball has to roll for about 15 feet or even more. You must practice hitting with various clubs deploying the same motion in order to experiment with motion and distance.

    One of the most important Golf chipping tips is that always choose a challenging green. It may have valleys and side slopes. Select a spot at about five feet off the green and drop the ball. Test with a club two and a half feet behind the ball and another one two and a half feet ahead of the ball. This will give you an idea of distance. Use identical motions to hit chip shots with each of the clubs including sand wedge, 9 iron, 7 iron, and 5 iron.

    With the club getting lower and lower, you will see the ball running further and further. Select the club that is able to succeed in landing the ball about two to three feet on the green and then run for the rest of its course to the hole. Work out the details of the slope and speed while choosing the right club.

    The best part of the training should give you an experience with various clubs letting you master the art of choosing the right club for a given shot. In this process, you are at the winning edge if you are able to get within a foot of the pin every time. Accurate pitching will bestow the advantages of better scores and lower golf handicap. By implementing these Golf chipping tips, this means you are on your progressive march to achieve a great degree of professionalism in the game.

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