Best Golf Cart Cover & Seat Cover


Every golfer who owns a golf cart understands the importance of investing in a good quality golf cart. It is also of uttermost importance that the cart is kept safe from elements of nature such as dirt, sun, or general wear and tear which normally shorten its lifespan. That is precisely where the golf cart cover or seat cover comes in as a golf accessory. It extends the life of your seats by keeping them sheltered from these elements. it is as important as golf gloves, golf bag and golf shoes.

The seat covers are used for number of functions. However, the two most popular are protection and comfort. They are designed using different types of materials including; mesh, microfiber, terry cloth, neoprene, and many others. Asides protection and comfort, the covers add aesthetic value to the golf cart.

How to Choose the Right Golf Cart Cover/Seat Cover

Given the many manufacturers of golf cart covers in the market, deciding whom to buy from may pose a serious challenge. Fortunately, you can arrive at a decision by simply looking out at these factors;

  • Material: covers of golf carts are designed using a wide variety of materials. Each of the materials has its pros and cons. Choose hardy and weather resistant material covers. It should withstand heat and water. It should protect the seat from rain and sunlight.
  • Washable and easy to dry: a cover that is easy to clean and can be dried easily should be chosen.
  • Well-fitting: the cover should cover the cart well and leave no gaps. Choose a cover that is well-sewed and has snug edges for perfect fitting. Choose the cover that has been custom-built for your specific cart.
  • Extras: lookout for additional features such as a rain cover and storage compartments for bags, umbrellas, and other items. The color should be considered as well. Go with a color of your choice.

The 6 Best Cart Covers on The Market

1- Club Car Golf Cart Cover Tan

golf cart coversMaximum protection, ease-of-use, durability, and luxury are the key defining features of the Club Car Golf Cart Cover. It has been designed with the detailed-oriented customer in mind. All components of the cover are interlinked to ensure maximum protection is provided for your golf cart. It is hassle-free to fit and has well-functioning zippers and lines. Bad weather, direct sun, and direct rains are non-issue to this cover ideally designed for four passenger carts. It is easy to wash, offers full covering, and endures all elements of weather and natural tear and wear.

The polyester material cover is strong and will never shrink or stretch. It has rear air vents that helps prevent moisture buildup and reduces wind lofting.  The elastic cord on its bottom helps pull the cover for a snug fit as well.

The client feedback at Amazon regarding this cover was impressive.  Buyers love the fact that it is affordable, perfectly fitting, waterproof, windproof, has a convenient rear zipper, is of good quality material, is durable, light weight, and has a nice color. On the downside, some feel it does not fit easily as stated by the manufacturer.

2- Classic Golf Cart Cover

best golf cart coversHave you been looking for a golf cart cover that can fit 2-passenger and 4-passenger golf cars? Well, the Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Cover has been built for you. It is a highly functional cover designed to not only offer full coverage to the golf cart but also endure all nature elements for years. It protects the cart from direct sunlight, water, direct winds, and extreme weather conditions. You will be impressed by the ease at which the cover fits into the cart and how easy it can be removed. Furthermore, you can clean it easily.

Some of the notable features of this golf cart cover include; rear air vents designed to minimize inside moisture and wind lofting, a good quality fabric that neither shrinks nor stretches, an elastic cord at bottom hem to ensure a perfect fit, light weight, and a rear zipper that allows easy setup and entry.

When you check out what others say about the cover at Amazon, you will be blown away. Buyers are impressed by the fact that; it offers a full cover, is easy to clean, is versatile and durable. On the downside, some think it is not heavy duty.

3- The Versatile Deluxe 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover

 Passenger Golf Cart CoverBuilt for E Z Go, Yamaha G Model, and Club Car, this golf cart rain cover truly defines what versatility is all about. The grey color cover fit perfectly on four passenger cart and for up to 80″L size. It has been designed using heavy duty UV coated satin polyester coated with Polyurethane. It is a universal cover that will fit in all 4-seater golf carts.

Some of the product features that are worth mentioning include; double-stitching on top for durability, double vents on front and rear for moisture control and prevention of wind lofting, a rear zipper for easy access, additional duffel storage bag, and 4 color options; black, grey, green or taupe.

Verified buyers at Amazon found the cover to be perfectly fitting, functional, easy to attach and remove, and is made of superior material. They also say it is waterproof and windproof. The double stitching in particular impressed many. On the downside, some buyers say the top discolors after long periods of downpour.

4- Summates Golf Cart Cover

golf cart covers for saleSummates is one of those brands that have built a good reputation with golfers in the world over. It is well known for its innovative and affordable products, The Summates Golf Cart Cover for Yamaha Drive, Club Car Precedent, and EZ Go offers nothing short of top-notch features. It is an ingeniously-crafted cover that is available in dark gray and tan colors. It also comes with a rear access zipper that allows easy installation and hassle-free entry. Its elastic cord at the bottom hem guarantees a snug fit as well.

What particularly makes the Summate Golf Cart rain cover the real deal is its durability, affordability, and extra features. The cover is made of high quality material that can withstand extreme weather conditions and it comes at an affordable price. It also has a storage bag for extra convenience. Furthermore, it fully covers the cart hence giving an attractive overall look. Buyers love its heavy fabric, good look, ease of use, longevity, excellent quality zipper, and the extra storage compartment. On the negative side it is only ideal for 2-seater carts.

5- The Quick Fit Fairway Golf Cart from Classic Accessories

This is another top-of-the-game covers for the savvy buyer. It boasts with some amazing features. It has been tailored to offer a full and quick coverage to the golfer who is always on the move. The excellent quality material is designed to endure harsh elements of weather such as direct sunlight, water, dirt and direct winds. It is easy to fit and remove and can also be cleaned easily whenever necessary. It also has a button that guarantees a snug fit to the cart.

Other amazing features of the cover include; an integrated storage bag, 2-year warranty, versatility, a zipper compartment, and a long roof. Buyers are happy with the fact that it fits easily, is easy to clean, and lasts for long. On the negative side, some feel it is not heavy duty.

6- Deluxe 2 Passenger Golf Cart Cover

ez go golf cart coversYou can never go wrong when you buy any Deluxe product. The brand is synonymous with top quality products and that is precisely what Deluxe 2 Passenger Golf Cart lives up to. It has been built to protect the cart from dirt, weather damage, and direct sun. The cover is designed using heavy duty UV coated satin polyester that is also undercoated with Polyurethane. All these are aimed at giving maximum resistance to elements of nature. The cover is waterproof, windproof, and durable.

Some other amazing features of the cover include; 2 rear and 2 front vents for moisture and wind lofting control, elastic hemming for a tight fit, a beautiful design, reversible back and golf cart seat cover, fit armrest holes for best fitting, 4 color options, and grommets at bottom for perfect fitting. Buyers say; it is easy to use, is made of soft and easy to handle quality material, is affordable, and is functional. On the negative, some buyers think it is not fully waterproof.

The 4 Best Seat Covers

1- Classic Golf Cart Seat

There are those little things that make golfing fun and exciting. The golf cart seat cover is one of them. It provides comfort as the player does his or her rounds on the golf course. Classic Accessories Golf Cart Seat Blanket has been designed to make golfing fun.  It is built of comfortable polyester material that is water-resistant on one of its sides and luxuriously designed on the other. It is ideal for two-person cart seats and easily zips off for storage. It is highly versatile and can work as a seat cover or lap blanket. Furthermore it is covered by 1-year warranty. You will love it gray fuzzy side. It absorbs the sun heat and makes you comfortable. One of its cons is that it is somehow difficult to fold and zip.

2- The Duo-Purpose Golf Cart Seat

Enjoy the benefits of both worlds with the Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Seat Cover and Blanket. The polyester material cover is a combination of a waterproof cover and a cozy blanket. It features a quilted top that has plush fleece and is machine washable. Available also are blanket zips that swallow the blanket into its own storage compartment. Furthermore, an exterior pocket is provided for keeping personalized embroidery. It cushion against golf cart arm rests and is also used as a lap blanket.  It can be used by two persons at once. On the negative side, it does not fit well more than ones person.

3- Golf Cart Bench Seat Cover

On top of the list of the must-have golfing accessories in 2017 is this seat cover from Classic Accessories Fairview. It is a khaki colored cover designed to fit most 2-person golf cart seats. It is a polyester material cover designed to preserve and protect your seats from damage, wear and tear, direct sunlight, and dirt. It will also help renew the overall outlook of old golfing cart seats.  The unique diamond mesh weave in particular not only brings out a sporty and aesthetic look, but it also allows free air circulation and provides maximum comfort. The fabric stretches easily to fit most golf seats within minutes. Furthermore, it is low-priced.

4- Seat Cover for Golf Cart

Protect your new seats or renew the overall outlook of your old seats with this bench seat cover from Classic Accessories Fairway. It fits perfectly any two-person cart bench seat and its stretch fabric easily fits most seats creating a custom-like fit. The diamond mesh weave has been designed to facilitate free air circulation and provide comfort. It also gives the seat a unique and attractive look. The cover is machine washable and its polyester material is durable. Its Navy color is also quite impressive. It is a high quality cover that never disappoints.

You should never settle for just anything when buying your golf cart cover. Choose an excellent quality material cover that will endure. A good one will ensure longevity of your golf cart and give you maximum comfort for a long time.

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