Golf Backswing


    Postures and moves are of great importance in the game of golf, and one of these important moves is Golf Backswing. Accomplished golf trainers lay much emphasis on moving the head a bit when you bring the club back. The logic behind this can be explained this way.

    Golf Backswing
    Golf Backswing

    1. To make a circular motion during your swing, you need a central axis to swing around.

    2. Reflect on your body, you have one top (your head) and two bottoms (your two legs). This means that on your way back, your head should move about 3 to 5 inches towards the right to form your first axis to swing around.

    3. Once the ball is hit, your head should move a bit front over top of the left leg to form a second axis. In this way, you will be able to make a complete swing with a circular (slightly oval shaped) rotation, consequently, you would have been able to create a floating top to an axis. Thus, the floating of your head back and forth is essential to ensure that you form the axis required for your swing.

    More Golf Backswing Fundamentals

    You can never hope to achieve a complete Golf Backswing without moving your head back and forth. It could have been possible, only if you have a single leg meaning you have one top and one bottom. In such a case, if you moved your head, it would mean destroying the axis. Playing golf with single leg is rather impractical. That would not generate the energy necessary to drive the ball and probably you will trip and fall down by attempting to play on one leg. For better power and better stability, we need to play with two legs on the ground and therefore, it is essential you learn the technique of moving your head.

    Most people have a tough time in moving their heads when performing Golf backswing. There is a simple way to do this. Feel as though your head is moving about a foot’s distance to the right. In this way, you will at least succeed in moving a few inches. One good idea is to watch your mirror image while your head moves back. When you see your head moving 3 to 5 inches, feel it for yourself how the weight loads into the right leg. Once you achieve this, you have successfully created the first axis necessary for your back swing. You need to improve your head movement till you feel enough power loaded into your right leg. If you wear a hat while playing golf, move your head during the backswing until the brim of the hat is level to the ground and stop at the point where moving further will mean tilting it to the left. You may also check your head’s move by asking your friend to watch it or by using a video camera to capture it.

    While moving your head back, ensure that you do not hit behind the ball a little. This means that you have too much weight off your right foot during impact. To rectify this, you need to feel a little more weight shift off your right foot during the impact. Once you master this, you will be able to achieve a perfect Golf backswing hit with the power necessary to accomplish a good shot.

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