Top 10 Best Golf Balls Reviewed-Your Ultimate Guide


Looking for the best golf balls you can buy? Well, any pro golfer will, without a doubt, attest to the fact that a golf ball will affect the quality of your game. Desirable golf balls for Spin have a perfect feel, top-notch spin, and exceptional boost power. Fortunately, the top brands have not been sleeping on the job. They have invested heavily in technology geared towards the design of superior golf balls. Every golf ball designed is subjected to pre-set standards and it should pass if not surpass the test.

Choosing the Golf Ball

Golf balls come in a wide variety of designs. They can be designed using any of these two materials; urethane or ionomer. Urethane balls are made of plastic ingredients whereas urethane is made of soft rubber material. If you are a beginner, then it would be wise that you choose the balls with ionomer covers, ideally 2-piece balls. They are preferred since they reduce slicing and hooking. It is also easier to drive the ionomer cover balls over a longer distance.

If you are a professional golfer then consider balls with urethane covers, 3 to 5-piece balls to be exact. You are an expert if you are capable of shooting 70’s to low 80’s. You also have full control of your swing and you can go on a run of birdies when doing your rounds.

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

If you are a beginner golfer then do not just buy any kind of ball for your game. Here are the best 5 golf balls for you;

  1. Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls.
  2. TailorMade Burner Golf Balls.
  3. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls.
  4. Wilson Staff Elite Golf Balls.
  5. Pinnacle Gold Golf Ball

Best Golf Ball for Average Golfer

If you rate yourself as an average golfer then these golf balls will serve you best;

  1. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball.
  2. Nike One RZN-X.
  3. Fuzz Ball Low Compression Golf Balls.

Best Golf balls for Handicapper

The handicapper requires a golf ball designed for a high amount of spins. The tour balls serve the handicapper best. These include;

  1. Callaway HEX Black Tour.
  2. Bridgestone Tour B330.
  3. Titleist Pro V1.

Best Golf Balls for High Handicapper

The high Handicapper require special golf balls since they have a poor driving performance, inaccurate iron play, and poor putting and chipping. Therefore, the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls and Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls suits them best.

Best Golf Balls for Distance

Balls that are ideal for distance should have larger dimples and Surlin cover. Those with urethane covers especially the latest ones will also suffice. Examples include;

  • Callaway ChromeSoft.
  • NIKE RZN Black.
  • TaylorMade PROJECTa
  • Bridgestone E7.

Best Golf Balls for Spin

The ideal ball for the spin is one that grabs better on the club face and gives maximum spin for your swing. The best ones for the spin include; Ben Hogan Tour Deep and Nike One Tour Golf balls. Don’t forget to get a nice golf ball tees by the way.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls

1- Bridgestone 2014 B330 RX

best golf ballsThe urethane cover 12-Ball Pack from Bridgestone is an excellent quality golfing ball combination designed for the avid golfer. It comes with a hydro core optimized to give an accurate swing of at most 105 mph. Some notable features of the balls include; a 20% thinned cover for maintaining a level control around the green and a mantle layer for generating a back wise spin that extends the distance and guarantees an accurate shot. This golfing ball is designed for the starter. It is the best for making long shots and with maximum accuracy.

2- The Super-Soft Golf Balls from Callaway

Every pro golfer understands the importance of investing in a good quality golfing ball. And softness is one of those features to look out for when shopping for a new golfing ball. The Callaway super-soft golf balls are designed for the golfer who knows exactly what they want in a golfing ball. It is probably the softest you can find in the market. It helps lower compression which in turn reduces the spin and guarantees a long distant and accurate shot. Low spins are ideal for making straight and accurate ball flights. You can never go wrong with this amazing golfing ball. These golf balls for Spin come in various colours such as white orange, Turquoise, and lime. These give maximum visibility off and on the ground.

3- The Fifty Elite Golf Balls from Wilson Staff

best cheap golf balls

This combination of 50 award winning golf balls is a must-have for any serious golfer. They have been ingeniously designed to meet the needs of the most demanding golfer. They can also work best on a wide variety of terrain. The balls have a top-notch rubber inner core that provides unmatched soft feel. The balls also come with a new aerodynamics featuring a shallow dimple with a unique flat bottom. All these features give the ball a longer distance flight with and stable landing. The outer core is firm so as to complement the softer inner core. All these are meant to guarantee straight and accurate swings.

4- The 2-Ply Professional Practice Emoji Golf Ball

Have you been looking for a good combination of golf balls for Spin that will put a smile on your face? Well, the Emoji practice golf balls from Kangaroo wins the day. The 12-pack balls are designed to make golfing fun and exciting. They have been designed with different funny Gag gifts that will guarantee a good smile even on the rock-hard serious fellow. It takes golfing to an entirely new level and at the same time maintaining the seriousness of the game. These balls are tailored for professional practice and are ideal for making distant shots with exceptional spins and accuracy.

5- The 96 Ball Bag from Nito Shag

Talking about killing quality for money, this is a sure bet for the budget-conscious golfer. The assortment of various golf balls make golfing fund and affordable. They are made from recycled material and that means you participate in conserving the environment when you purchase this package of practice golf balls. You get the opportunity of enjoying golfing using a leading brand’s balls at an attractive price. However, oftentimes some might think a lower price translates to poor quality. Do not be deceived. With these quality golf balls, there is no compromise on quality. They are ideal for practice in all conditions including muddy areas.

6- Nike Mix AAAA Golf Ball

Nike is one of those brands whose presence can never be ignored. Wherever they touch they leave an undeletable mark. The Mix AAAA golf balls from Nike have taken the market by storm. The fully-packed balls are 50 in total and they all come at unbeatable prices. You will enjoy Nike’s wide diversity of golfing balls all under one pack and with no compromising on your golfing game.  Some of golf balls available within the package include; Speed, Vapor Black, NDX, Velocity Tour, Mojo, Control, Juice, Tour Accuracy, Crush, Karma, and Feel. All these models come from Nike. They all have two layers; a firm outer core and a soft inner core. The balls have been designed to offer the best driving distance with sure accuracy for the beginner.

7- The Pride Sports Practice Golf Balls

You can never go wrong when you purchase this 12-piece pack of golf balls. They are highly versatile enabling the serious golfer practice the game not only outdoors but also indoors. This means you are free to practice your game anytime and anywhere irrespective of changes in weather. The balls are surprisingly lightweight allowing you to make your shots anywhere with no worries of destroying property. They also have a high spin and provide more hook and slice. What makes this on of the best golf balls are the other amazing features like: a yellow cover for maximum visibility, dimple patterns for flight control, and low compression and spin reduction to meet the needs of the beginner.

8- Wilson Titanium Ball

These are excellent quality golf balls comprising of 18 golf balls on one package. They enable the golfer increase the distance with each shot since it provides maximum energy transfer upon impact. This means the ball can travel straight over a longer distance.  The ball’s outer cover is made of a sturdy Surlin material and the inner core materials are bound by Titanium resulting in one cohesive unit. The average golfer as well as the professional will find this ball useful and reliable. Low compression and side spin reduction are meant to keep the ball rolling within the desired speed for the beginner.

9- Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball

This is one of those brands that stand out from the crowd when it comes to the design of excellent quality golf balls. It features a firm outer cover and a softer inner core. Within its inner core is a ultra-reactive titanium meant for transmitting maximum energy that give higher and longer shots. It is this two layer combination that makes this ball the best choice for all skill levels. It also offers a greater stopping ability unlike other golfing balls.

10- The Callaway Chrome Soft Yellow Golf Balls

cheap golf ballsIf you have been around for a while in the world of golfing then you certainly comprehend what Callaway as a brand lives up to. It is one of those brands that are known for excellent and unique designs. The Chrome Soft Yellow Golf Balls from Callaway have been designed to sweep the serious golfer off his or her feet. You will fall in love with the 12 golfing balls that come with the package. They have all been designed with red and white patterns that a meant to enhance focus and visibility in the game. Its combination of key features such as; a low spin off the tee, a low spin off the driver, and a soft, fast core facilitate a swing that drives the ball to the desired distance. They help drive the ball at maximum speed and with exceptional accuracy. These golf balls will take your golfing experience to an entirely new level.

There are various factors that matter a great deal when it comes to purchase of golf balls for Spin. If you desire a ball with low spin and a longer flight distance then choose a hard ball with a Surlin cover. The light ones with a urethane cover have a high spin and give extra control. You should also check out the different dimple patterns in the golf balls since it affects the flight of the ball.


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