Best Golf Tips for Beginners


    The internet is proliferates with a number of best golf tips for beginners. However, most articles and books leave out some crucial areas that are important to them. This article features some rarely discussed best golf tips for beginners.

    Golf Tips for Beginners
    Golf Tips for Beginners

    The choice of the right clubs is the most important part of the game. Juniors and children will require clubs that suit their height. Though it is not uncommon to see many children practice with the clubs used by their parents, it is not advisable. This might even lead to bad swinging habits that will hinder their growth.

    There is yet another thing that is often overlooked by beginners. It is important that budding players strictly observe the basic rules and etiquette of the game. For instance, you must learn how to enter and leave a sand trap. You must learn the purpose of a rake. They must know whether they are violating a rule if they ground their club. In such cases, experienced golfers can be of great help.

    After a long spell of teaching themselves, most new players get frustrated that they are not able to master the fundamentals of the swing. But this situation could have been averted if you have availed of the guidance of someone who is proficient with the game. The course pro is very useful for the beginners to get set up the right way, thoroughly explain the swing process and critique the swing then and there.

    Proper Takeaway

    Takeaway is especially important to beginners. New players have the tendency to whip the club back with their hands. The proper takeaway is crucial for any shot in golf since it is the deciding factor for the rest of the swing. If you are a new player, it is important you know that you need not bring the club back fast for achieving a good shot.

    Body Rotation

    Yet another problem area for new players is body rotation. The right way of getting the club back is to let the shoulders turn while you maintain a square club face duly followed by the hips. Se to that at the top of the backswing, hips take the lead of the downswing and not the hands.

    Yet another rarely discussed golf tips for beginners is the need of proper follow through. Whether a shot requires a complete follow through or not depends on the nature of the shot. Beginners need to learn which type is best suited for a given shot. Give this utmost importance to master the game in due course.

    Common Mistake

    The commonest mistake made by budding golfers is to attempt to stop short on the follow through. This is an unhealthy decision that could hinder the performance of the shot. This happens due to the eagerness of the players to watch the ball. Players must shirk this urge and go ahead with the complete follow through.

    Practice and Practice

    There is never an alternative to practice. Golf is a highly professional game requiring a good amount of training. You must learn how to make use of every type of club. Unless you personally deploy and test each of the mentioned best golf tips for beginners with a sincere practice, you can never hope to master this game.

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