Best Golf Tees You Can Buy in 2017


In the world of golf there are endless implements for your practice and improvement such as Golf hitting net, Golf putting green, however, today we bring you some of the best Golf Tees you can find in the market whether you are a beginner or a professional these golf tees will give you an idea of ​​which is the most suitable for you, we invite you to take a look and find out which is yours after reading our unbiased review of the most popular ones.

Plastic Golf Tees

best golf teesWe present one of the Best Golf Tees, for your training and performance as a golfer, being a Plastic Golf Tees are more durable than Others because their performance is sometimes compromised due to the material they are made of, these Unbreakable Golf Tees are made so that you can practice countless hours with them and do not suffer any damage. An imported product and also comes in different colors and sizes so you can choose the one that is right for you.

Pride Golf Tee

This package of 500 pieces being Plastic Golf Tees provide a great quality with a measure 2-3 / 4 are perfect for maintaining good stability and help keep golf ball in place. Are considered the Best Golf Tees to make a precise shot and direction by its size, there are of different material and colors, improve your experience when playing golf with these luxury Golf Tees, and enjoy a new adventure when playing golf using the correct equipment; besides they are a great staple for any golfer’s bag.

The advantage of these Golf tees is that due to its size it is much more comfortable to carry them in your bag since they do not take up space and to have 500 pieces you will not have to go every little time to buy more. So do not hesitate and get them right now.

4 Best Golf Tees

The “4 Yards More” Golf Tee is a type of golf tee that is designed based on polymer and elastomer, it is often annoying to have to pick up every disposable golf tee that you wear and leave on the golf course as with this golf tee You will not have to worry about it, it is totally reusable and comfortable to use. It is practically an Unbreakable Golf Tee as the individual body and fingers flex with impact to reduce resistance, thanks to the materials with which it was built and designed this golf tee is one of the Best Golf Tees as it can withstand 100 + Hits, it is important to mention that this type of golf tee is friendly with the environment because you do not need to cut trees for their manufacture.

It is a product made in the USA that has high-quality standards and provides a totally different experience when playing golf.

Zero Friction Golf Tees

 Today we present a unique Golf Tee, it is a golf tee with a design that allows you to get better Results thanks to its cap with three peaks that reduces resistance and therefore adds more distance to the blow, in addition to adding better accuracy as it significantly reduces the area of ​​contact between the ball and the Golf Tee. The Best Golf Tee is the one that makes you feel comfortable but at the same time improves your experience and skill and this without a doubt is one of them.

In addition to all these incredible features, the Zero Friction Golf Tee is made using biological compounds that make it an environmentally friendly product. It’s time to add a little more precision to your strokes with this Golf Tee so go ahead!

Unbreakable Golf Tees

 This golf tee has 6 flexible bristles and a contoured cup, this Tee give top performance to all golfers, from amateurs to professionals.

This type of tee is normally considered in many tournaments as the Best Golf Tees for its efficiency and precision, another feature of this Plastic Golf Tees is that it is 5x longer than a wooden tee so it works better and something very positive is that No trees need to be cut for the tee. Helps produces longer and straighter drives that equal less friction and less spin It is available in neon colors and in packs of 30 pieces, do not hesitate to purchase it and start to feel the difference of a high-quality product.

Consistent Tee Beveled Biodegradable

It is common that even though golfers are using the longest Golf tee they have difficulty teeing the ball up at the right position for every drive, The Consistent-Tee is considered to be The Best Golf Tee if it is just precision, in addition to being an Unbreakable Golf Tee is completely biodegradable and is characterized by its maximum durability and efficiency, the design of this Golf Tee is the one we all look at in most movies or TV shows so it is not bad to consider if you are interested in purchasing a product Quality and durability.

Versa Golf Premium Bamboo Golf Tees

Lightweight and high strength, this Golf Tee is 7x stronger than a Premium tee Wood, it is a high quality product, with its natural color that adds elegance and sophistication, without paint or plastic is a natural product. These incredible Golf Tees include a club cleaning brush to hang it in your bag valued at $ 15.00 completely FREE. This golf tee measures 2 3/4 inches long, a very comfortable size for many golfers and that is certainly part of every good golfer’s equipment If you are thinking about buying golf tees do not overlook the golf bamboo tees as they are a very good and efficient option.

Martini Golf Tees

 Independent laboratory tests prove Martini Tees give you drives that go both farther and straighter, compared to wooden Tees. They have a perfect size (3- 1/4) for today’s larger drivers, the large cup allows you to reduce club-head resistance by tilting the ball towards you target line by as much as 20%.

This Tees are the Best Golf Tees for older people and for people with unstable hands, plus they are excellent Unbreakable Golf Tees that will last you for a long time. The Martini name and shape gives it a more fun and attractive touch, its patented polymer resin blend is what gives it durability but at the same time a literally ultralight weight, a high-quality product available to everyone so… what are you waiting for?

Durable Golf Tees

These incredible golf tees are the best golf tees for seniors, people with unsteady hands or children who are beginning to learn the wonderful sport of golf, these Golf Tees are available in various colors, are made from a blend of Polymer and Resin that provides incredible durability and strength along with a very light weight that facilitates its use and helps the accuracy of the hit, are very affordable and are made to withstand very strong blows.

Improve your experience and skill with these incredible Golf Tees, so your USGA rules this product is ideal for those who need a more advanced instruction since its design is simpler and does not need a perfect technique for its good useIf you are looking for the best product at the best price then you should not miss this opportunity, Is one of the few products that offers a guarantee of satisfaction and uses resin for its manufacture.

Bamboo Golf Teesplastic golf tees

The Best Golf Tees made of bamboo, they are 100% Unbreakable Golf Tees, These Tee are 7x stronger than the Golf Tees made of wood.

Bamboo Golf Tees are 100% eco-friendly and naturally water resistant, there are more than a thousand species of bamboo around the world and these are made with the strongest and most durable spices. Acquiring these Golf Tees not only will have a high-quality product but also save a lot of money as well, because of the material with which it is manufactured the cost is lower.

Runner Golf Tees

Martini Golf Tees pocket are made from a blend of resin and patented polymer that allows it to reach your hands a top quality product with incredible durability plus it has the perfect size that improves the accuracy and trajectory of the hit. Longer, straighter drives proved by independent testing these Golf Tees provide a better trajectory in each hit.

They are used and recommended mainly for older people, people with unstable hands or people who are learning the exciting sport of golf since it is very easy to put the ball on the tee. If you are thinking of choosing a tee style and staying with it as this is the best option are the Best Golf Tees if you are in learning.

Dura Rubber Golf Tee!

rubber golf teesRubber Golf Tees give a better support to the ball and a smaller weight for the Tee, being lighter they provide a more comfortable use for the golfer and a lesser expense to the hour to buy new Golf Tees. Rubber Golf Tees provides more stability for the hit if you insert another tee up to support it on a flatter surface, with many sizes available is the ideal product to make a shot with full confidence in the surface on which it is supported The tee Statistically a golfer uses 6 tees per game of approximately 18 holes, with this excellent product you will not have to worry about messing up the field or being changing tee every time. Do not hesitate to purchase one of these if you want to have a complete equipment and with everything you need.


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