Best Golf Bags : Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing in 2017


For the most part, you won’t need to put too much thought into the purchase of your best golf bags.

You might be thinking, “Why even bother spending money on a bag at all? Can’t I just tie them up with some rope and throw ‘em around my shoulder?!”

You certainly could do that! After all, that’s the sort of thing the early golfers did! You know… back in the 17th century!! The game of golf has evolved quite a bit since then and so too has the equipment, that’s why we see new stuff when never heard of like the indoor putting green. While it is true that most advances to equipment have mostly been geared towards improving performance, there have also been many updates aimed at making the overall player experience, much more enjoyable and comfortable as well.

So, do yourself a favour and set aside a few bucks of your golf budget towards getting a decent bag to haul those clubs around.

Your wallet may not like it, but your body will be glad you did!!

Best Golf Bags: Tangkula

 best golf bagsLet’s start things off with our favourite bag which provides best value of money! This is by far the most popular type of bag among casual golfers. At a modest price point compared to household names, you’ll find this bag to be well suited for just about every round of golf!

If you are walking the course, you’ll find great comfort in the adjustable double shoulder “back pack” style carrying straps, which allow for a more natural and less awkward haul over the traditional single strap design.

Also, you won’t have to worry about the bag falling over as you set it down to take your shots as this bag comes with an automatic stand that will eject two standing legs once the bag has been placed on the ground, so basically it also falls in golf stand bags.

Plenty of storage space is provided with a spacious 6-way divided for easily and neatly organizing your clubs, and 7 pockets varying in sizes for safely stowing away the rest of your gear and accessories. Overall, this is without doubt one of the best golf bags in the market.

Ping Golf Bags

If you like all the features from the previous bag, but also want to journey around the course in style, this golf bag might be more up your alley. Like the previous bag, this Ping golf bag has many of the same features as the Tangkula bag, but as you’d expect from one of the game’s top-tier equipment manufacturer’s, they’ve stepped things up a couple of notches with this model and really separated themselves from other manufacturers.

They’ve included an extra club divider for a total of 7, improved comfort tech straps, a water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket, and even a bottle opener, among other things.

High quality and practical design set aside, one thing Ping has always been known for is their style! While this bag does indeed boast a vast set of value added features over similar models from other manufacturers, there’s also a wide range of sleek colors and styles to choose from.

So, if you’re looking for more than just a way to lug your clubs around comfortably, and want to do so while flaunting your fashion sense and accessorizing skills, this might be a solid option for you!

Callaway Golf Bags

Callaway are known of producing the best Golf bags in the world. This particular bag is the “Mac Daddy” of cart bags. Specifically designed for rounds where you’ll be driving a cart around the course, you’ll find every pocket, pouch, and loop on this bag has been well thought out and strategically placed to ensure easy access to all your accessories.

There’s a magnet sealed pocket for storing valuables and more than enough breathing room for all your clubs with this 15-way club divider!

Hate reaching into your back late in the round and finding all of your drinks have gone warm? No problem! The thermal lined cooler pocket in this bag will ensure all of your drinks stay cold the whole round! Just remember to open them slowly, as they might be a bit shaken up!

No matter how reckless your buddy Jim might like to drive those golf carts, you can rest assured knowing everything you put in this bag at the beginning of the round, will still be there waiting for you when you finish!

The only downside here, is the price. Although spectacularly designed and chocked full of neat features, at around $240, this bag is on the higher end. But, if you know you’ll almost always be riding a cart, and you don’t mind spending the extra dough, this is the bag to do it on!

Women Golf Bag

If you like the idea of having a well-designed cart bag, but don’t want to break the bank paying for the “Mac Daddy” model, this cart bag by Tour Edge might be the one for you. Like the Callaway brand cart bag previously mentioned, this bag comes with plenty easily accessible storage compartments, a 14-way club divider, and virtually everything else you’ll need to protect your clubs while treading the tumultuous terrain of your favourite golf courses. Although it may not come with a specially lined cooler to keep your drinks cold, it does boast a much cooler price tag almost half of the cost of Callaway. although it’s a unisex bag, but more women using it than guys, that’s why I categorized it under the best golf bags for ladies.


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