Best Cheap Golf Shoes in 2017


Every pro golfer can attest to the fact that golfing can never be fun exiting when you lack some basic items such as golf gloves, golf bags and of course a pair of cheap golf shoes, preferably 😀 . Good quality golf shoes emerge as the number one must-have for every golfer, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a pro in the game. It is imperative that your feet are comfortable since on average any golfer will walk 4 to 5 miles for an 18-hole ground. Since these shoes come in a wide variety of designs, brands, and sizes one has to understand what to look out for when purchasing their shoe. The spiked and spikeless designs are popular among golfers globally. Each has its pros and cons. For instance, the spiked is ideal for playing on hilly or wet grounds. It gives more grip when you are on the course. The spikeless design on the other hand is more versatile and since it is lightweight most users wear it almost anywhere; at work or even while shopping at the grocery. Both spiked and spikeless designs are available in athletic or traditional styles.

Tips on How to get the Best Cheap Golf Shoe

To ensure you get the right golfing shoe, consider these factors;

  1. Stability vs Flexibility-the kind of you choose should give what you want to feel underfoot and fit the type of actions you often engage in. for instance, slower swingers should go for flexible and more dynamic shoes. The powerful swinger will find more stable shoes ideal for level of skill.
  2. Style-golfing shoes are no longer available in traditional designs alone. These days you can get a number of shoes in unique colors and in a number of options. Ideally what you choose will depend on your taste and preference.
  3. Price-price is obviously a put-off to most people but there is no escape. When considering price, do not go for cheap just because it is cheap. Choose golf shoes that guarantee quality for money. You should also lookout for other benefits such as waterproof warranty.

A Review of Best Cheap Golfing Shoes

1- Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe from Adidas

cheap golf shoesHave you been looking for a golf shoe that comes fully-packed with a plethora of performance-enhancing features? Well, look no further. The Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe from Adidas has been designed with the needs of the serious golfer in mind. It features a 6-spike configuration and thintech® low-profile technology to guarantee excellent stability and improved traction. Its synthetic upper is designed to allow maximum breathability and since it is lightweight the feet will never tire even after a busy day at the course. It also comes with a soft eva insole that is lightweight and comfortable. Users love its snug fit, amazing breathability, and the fact that it is lightweight. On the flipside some feel it is too tight on the feet but that can be avoided by ordering a slightly bigger one.

2- Crocs Womens Golf Shoe

clearance golf shoesOn top of the list of the best shoes in the market at the present moment is this shoe from one of the top brands in the market. It is a leather material shoe that is available in either black of golden color. It is surprisingly lightweight weighing barely 2 pounds thanks to its synthetic sole. The manufacturer has capitalized on style; giving it a stylish and snazzy appearance. Its sole is lightweight and soft giving a comfortable feel on the feet. Most of the buyers at Amazon seem to be pleased with its overall appearance and the fact that it is perfectly-fitting, functional, and lightweight. In terms of price and comfort users say it is the best. On the negative side, some users feel the material used is somehow stiff.

3- DAWGS Cheap Golf Shoes

Different golfing shoes are never created equal and different buyers have different preferences as well. The DAWGS Men’s Ultralite Golf Shoes redefines what comfort, quality, and style is all about. It is a golf shoe that can be described best as a higher-end men’s shoe.  It comes with a plethora of features that will automatically blow your mind. The synthetic material shoe features a comfortable rubber sole which not only gives maximum comfort but is guaranteed to last. It has an arch support and massaging foot-bed that will freshen up your tired feet after several rounds in the course. Its adjustable hook and loop fastener also allows for a snug fit. Other features include; strategically-placed rubber spikes, odor resistant and easy to clean material, and comfortable insoles. Users love the fact that it is waterproof, has room for the toes, is exceptionally comfortable, and comes in affordable price. However, some buyers feel the design is not appealing to the eye.

4- Skechers Performance Golf Drive Shoe

This is another top quality and cheap golf shoes in the market. The synthetic material shoe with its rubber sole is highly breathable and comfortable. It is a lace-up golf shoe with brand callouts at the lateral side, tongue, and counter. It also has a flexible turf cleated outsole and comes with a Goga Mat Technology with a high-rebound cushioning. It is designed for high performance in the course allowing you to do your rounds comfortably. It is extremely stable and weighs barely 3.5 pounds. Verified buyers who dropped in their reviews at Amazon seem excited about their purchase. They love the cleats, the good looking overall design, its waterproof ability, durability, snug fit, and the fact that it is very comfortable. Nevertheless, one user says he has to supplement it with a less waterproof shoe to be used during hot months.

5- Adidas Spikeless Golf Shoe

Just as its name suggests, with this top-notch golf shoe you get exactly what you would expect of a high-end golfing shoe. It is an ingeniously-designed shoe that not only guarantees top performance but also serves for many years. It comes with a plethora of features that will intrigue the savvy golfer. Some of its notable features include; a mesh climacool® designed to provide maximum breathability, a lightweight construction, flexible snug fit upper, stretch gore collar that for easy fitting, a swing plane traction for maximum stability and grip, and a rubber sole for maximum flexibility and abrasion resistance. Buyers at Amazon are well pleased with their purchase and would recommend it to a friend. They are quick to point out that this golfing shoe is extremely light unlike what they had in the past. Furthermore, they say they are very comfortable and will last. However, one points out that the shoe is a little snug at the back end.

6- Adidas Men’s Adicross III Golf Shoe

Ask any golfer about Adidas golf shoes and you will hear nothing but praise. Adidas is one of those brands that is known for excellent quality products. It has been in the shoe market for many years. The brand new Adidas Men’s Adicross II Golf Shoe lives up to Adidas name. It is an ingeniously designed shoe that is tailored for the golfing addict.  The manmade rubber-soled shoe comes with some amazing features. It is a casual shoe that has a water-resistant upper end.  Its abrasion resistant outsole is complemented a versatile rubber sole that will endure a wide variety of terrain. Verified buyers at Amazon love its stable base and great grip. They rate the price as the best and love its overall appearance. In terms of comfort most of them say it is the most comfortable you can get. However, one buyer says it was tight fitting at first. Luckily, once you get accustomed to it you will be comfortable.

7- Footjoy Golf Shoes

footjoy golf shoes on saleFootjoy’s brand new Hyperflex Golf Spike Golfing Shoe is an artistically designed shoe that comes with top-notch features. Very few golf shoe manufacturers in the market can come close to what Footjoy offers. This shoe is not only lightweight but is surprisingly soft and flexible as well. It is also waterproof and this is covered by a year guarantee. You will certainly love its upper design that has been tailored to conform to the movement of your foot. It also has a Heel Optimized Stabilizer that ensures you enjoy maximum stability during the swing. Users who have used the shoe are happy with their purchase and would never hesitate in recommending it to a friend. Most of them say it is comfortable, long lasting, extremely lightweight, waterproof, supportive, and has soft spikes.

You can get a wide variety of cheap golf shoes in the market and depending on the conditions of the course you play in, choose what will suit you best. If possible lookout for waterproof guarantees if you expect to play on wet conditions. You might as well find it essential to get multiple number of golf shoes suited for different conditions.

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