Comprehensive Review of the Best Golf Gloves 2017


Truth be told; not all golfers give much thought when it comes to the kind of golf gloves they buy. As a matter of fact, some might even put aside the idea of getting a pair for their game. However, those who understand that gloves can affect the quality of a shot can never hesitate in advising a friend to get the best golf gloves. Various manufacturers of both mens and ladies golf gloves are available in the market and therefore all you need to do is to evaluate your options and understand what to look out for when buying a pair.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Golf Gloves

For the beginner, it might appear that all gloves for golf are the same and only differ when it comes to size. That is never far from the truth. Golfing gloves come in different sizes but they have been designed using different materials as well. They are also designed by different brands hence quality will vary depending on who you buy from. Therefore, when choosing your desired golf gloves consider the following;

  1. Material: gloves are made of either leather or synthetic material. The leather gloves are more expensive, are longer lasting, and more comfortable. The synthetic gloves offer the best grip during rainy or hot seasons. It is better to enjoy the benefits of both worlds. Consider buying a pair from each of the types of material.
  2. Size: gloves that are either too small or too big will ruin the game. Get a pair of golf gloves that fit well on all the areas of your hand. You can get a wide variety of sizes in ladies golf gloves. mens also get different sizes including those referred to as “cadet” sizes. These are meant for those with huge hands. The ideal glove should fit smoothly on both sides of your hand and leave minimal space between the ends of your fingers and the material.
  3. Extra features: you can get some additional features as well when buying gloves. For instance, some have detachable discs for marking the golf ball. Others have unfinished designs so as to let you have a feel of the shot. They are also available in different colors. Get a color that can match any outfit.
  4. Price: prices vary as well depending on the brand you buy from. You will get gloves that cost as little as $6 and others go up to $25. Choose a pair that guarantees quality for money. Do not focus too much on price since cheap is not always the best deal.

A Review of the Best Golf Gloves

Irrespective of whether you are the beginner, average, or professional golfer, the ten gloves reviewed below will take your game to an entire new level. They have been tailored to meet the needs of both the full-time and seasonal golfer.

1- Bionic mens’s Grip Golf Glove

best Golf GlovesThis can best be described as the sure bet for the savvy buyer. Talking about comfort, breathability, durability, or perfection, those are what this high-end golf glove for mens stands for. It has been tailored to mimic the design of your hand and comes with top notch features so as to minimize fatigue and ensure you play the game longer. It has an appealing overall look and once you put it on you immediately feel as if you just got a second skin. It not only gives a firm grip but it also guarantees you are in full control of your swings. Its leather material is thicker than any other golf glove in the market. It is truly high quality and fully ergonomic by all measure.

2- GB Golf Cabretta

Perhaps, the name suggests too much about this glove. Well, that is exactly what you get when you invest in this excellent quality golf glove designed for even the most demanding player. This one has won the hearts of many. It is the most comfortable glove in the market boasting with a plethora of top-notch features. It is made of excellent quality cabretta leather that ensures a comfortable and firm grip. It also has mesh backing that ensures your hand stays dry and cool. It also has perforations on the palm fingers area that helps keep your fingers well ventilated. Furthermore, you get an adjustable closure feature for a snug fit. This is one of those gloves that will last for many years.

3- StableGrip Golf Glove

Featuring a patented Natural Fit Technology, this glove for mens has been designed with the needs of the user in mind. It ranks as the best among menss golf gloves in the market. Few brands come anything close to what this pair of gloves offer. It comes with 3-dimenssional finger pads in addition to a tapered finger design meant to mimic the shape and contour of the hand. This guarantees a firm and comfortable grip. It also helps keep the fingers free from fatigue. The gloves are even washable and that means you do not have to worry about changes in weather. In addition to these, they are highly breathable and durable.

4- Talon Super Grip

This is a must have for every golfer irrespective of their skill level. It comes fully-packed with top-of-the-game features. Notable features include; an ultra-thin palm meant to offer the best feel and firm grip, an expansive mesh backing and perforations to keep the fingers cool, and a flexible synthetic palm that has a silicone coating. This helps complemenst the movemenst of the fingers when making those tough swings. The glove material does not tear easily, neither does it blacken nor crack. It is simply the best you can get. This is one of those gloves you will use and pass on to your grand kids.

5- Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII Mens’s Golf Gloves

mens golf gloveThe brand new all-weather golf gloves Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII mens’s Golf Gloves has been designed for all skill levels. It comes with perforated synthetic leather on the back of the hand for maximum breathability. Available also is a stretch fabric on the fingers and back of the hand area so as to enhance flexibility and breathability. It also fits perfectly on your hand thanks to the adjustable angled tab closure which has also been designed with ergonomics in mind. They are made of 5% leather, 10% nylon material, and 85% polyurethane. It provides all you can ask for; breathability, flexibility, perfect fit, and durability.

6- Callaway Golf Glove

What rings in your head when you hear the name Callaway? Well, it is nothing but quality and variety. The brand is well known for its top-notch assortmensts of golfing gear and accessories. This mens’s glove from Callaway is an all leather golf glove designed to offer a great feel, a perfect fit, and serve for many years. It features some perforations on the thumb, palm, and fingers area which help keep the hands cool and free from sweat. Its Opti Fit Closure offers a secure and comfortable fit. Furthermore, it has a Cotton Terry Cuff designed to absorb moisture and give the golfer a soft feel. This is a must have for every golfer.

7- The Zero Friction Synthetic Glove

ladies golf glovesThis golf glove for mens is ranked among the top golf gloves in the market in 2017. It is an all weather synthetic golf glove designed to last for many years. It comes with a detachable tee and ball marker unlike other gloves in the market. It is overall design is appealing to the eye, thanks to the matching color patches on the palm. It also has a black mesh Lycra on the palm, throughout the finger, and at the back of the hand. This provides a firm grip and boosts breathability.

8- MG Golf DynaGrip

Every golfer understands that the glove material matters a great deal when comparing different brands. Leather in particular is the most durable and that is why most brands design their gloves using leather. The MG Golf DynaGrip Golf Glove is made of 100% cabretta leather. It is an excellent quality golf glove with a traditional styling. Most golfers love this pair since it is perfectly-fitting, has a soft feel, and is longer lasting. It is also highly breathable and keeps off moisture and perspiration. It gives a firm grip with least effort on the part of the user. Furthermore, it has been designed to complement the curvature of the fingers during and off play. It is ergonomic and very comfortable to use hence, it’s one of the most popular ladies golf gloves.

9- Callaway mens’s Xtreme 365 Golf Gloves

Golf GlovesCallaway will never disappoint when it comes to the design of golfing accessories. The brand new mens’s Xtreme 365 Golf Gloves from Callaway lives up to what this celebrated brand is known for; best quality. Its Opti Flex material gives the user a great feel and is highly flexibility to complemenst your moves while making your swings. It is also highly durable and since it is an all weather pair you get the best of the gloves. In terms of breathability and moisture wicking, this glove is the best. It has excellent moisture absorption capabilities and comes with an Opti Fit Adjustable Closure to give a snug and secure fit.

10- FootJoy StaSof

This is probably one of the best golf gloves in the market at the momenst. It has all you can ask of a good quality glove. FootJoy as a brand is known for its top-notch products and this glove lives up to the name. It is made of cabretta leather which is flexible, comfortable, durable and breathable. The overall design of the gloves is in line with the contour and curvature of the hand and that means you will never tire while using the gloves. They also guarantee a tough and firm grip required for making accurate shots.

A Final

An investmenst in a good quality pair of golf gloves will greatly boost the quality of your game. Try to compare various brands prior to a purchase and buy only the best golf gloves that suits your needs. There are so many brands out there that manufacture both ladies golf gloves and mens golf gloves and thus everyone is catered for. Just ensure what you buy fits well and can last.

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