5 Golf Pitching Tips


    There are some useful golf pitching tips golfers must know regarding pitch shots and especially how to pitch the golf ball with loft. Most golfers face the difficulty when topping the ball over the green while pitching. This is because the club tends to swing down during downswing. Therefore, it is most likely that it swings back before it gets the golf ball and you end up hitting the middle of the ball.

    Golf Pitching Tips
    Golf Pitching Tips


    So, What Are the 5 Golf Pitching tips?


    While pitching the golf ball, you need to bear this mind. What you must actually do is to hit down on the ball and let the ball crawl up the face of the club and then move on to the green. You can achieve this by hitting the bottom of the golf ball with the leading edge of the club. Most golfers aim that the follow through should be as high as possible. Therefore instead of hitting down on the ball, they hit the ball on the upswing.


    If golfers with the high follow through come down, they tend to swing back up once again. This will put the club face higher during the follow through. This is not the right way to hit a pitch shot. This is one of the commonest problems that can occur with golfers especially if they are budding players.


    Golfers need to put some extra weight on their left legs or the front leg and lean over on top of it. With their arms they must swing the club head down allowing the ball go up. In this way, they can successfully let it crawl up the club face. The summary is this. Make your follow through as close to the ground as possible.


    On of the most important golf pitching tips, is that when you performing downswing, make sure, with your weight on your left side, that you swing your arms down and get the leading edge to swing into the ground. And then, the golf ball will crawl all the way up the face and take off for the target.


    So remember, ball in the middle of your stance, weight on your left leg, swing your arms up and down.  We like to keep golf instruction simple. For better impact and for a little more loft when you’re pitching, get the feeling that you’re swinging the club face down into the ground.



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