4 Tips to Master The Correct Golf Swing

correct Golf swing
The Correct Golf Swing

Correct Golf Swing is considered to be one of the most complex aspects of Golfing. Actually, Golf it self isn’t the type of sport that could be perfected. However, the more you practice, the closer you can get to perfection. For those who aren’t aware with how the entire sport works, in order to actually perfect the sport, you will need to spend 10,000 hours on all the factors of the sport. This means, you will need to practice your putting, bunker game, chipping, pitching, long game, and practice for up to 10,000 hours total on each aspect of the sport.

Professional golfers still haven’t even finished their 10,000 hours yet because of how many elements golf has. The only way for practicing hours to count, you will need to practice each element correctly. Basically, if you practice the wrong golf swing, then you’ll be perfecting an inconsistent swing.

Tips for Correct Golf Swing

#1 Keep Your Right Hand Squared During Back Swing (Left Hand If Left Handed)

One of the main things that not many beginning golfers are aware of is the fact that they will need to keep their right hand squared and closed while going on their back swing. When your right hand is squared during your backswing, then your club face will go back down in a more solid position and exactly how it was in the beginning. If your right hand goes all wild during your backswing, then your shots will be very inconsistent because you don’t have any control. When you’re looking at your reflection or video, and you’re at your halfway takeaway, your hands must be completely invisible from the club head. Your club head should be level to your hands when you’re at your halfswing mark so that your shot is crisp and accurate at all times.

#2 Control Spine Angle

Another thing that causes the swing to be very inconsistent is the fact that your spine angle continuously moves up and down all the time. Whenever you hit a shot, you will need to make sure that your spine angle stays the same all the time. You need to understand that when your spine continuously changes, then your shot will either be thin or dubbed. You need to be certain that your spine stays still throughout your entire swing. However, when I say this, it doesn’t mean you should be very stiff. When your body is too stiff, then your shots will also not be that consistent. You want more of a free flowing swing that has control a the same time. Be mindful about your spine when you hit golf shots because it will definitely make a great difference in your entire game.

#3 Placing Most Of Your Strength On Your Left Grip (Right If Left Handed)

Most golfers believe that since their right hand grip is a lot stronger than their left they will need to put all their energy on their right hand grip. However, this happens to be such a huge misconception that many beginner golfers make. Most of your strength will need to be on your left grip because it will help for you to hit your shots more crisp. When your left grip has most of your energy, then your shots will be a lot more consistent.

#4 The One Minute Drill

This one minute drill is simple to do, as all you need to do is practice the right swing and do it for a full minute. This will allow for your body to gain muscle memory on your swing. This drill can be done whenever you want and will definitely allow for you to groove the correct golf swing. When doing this specific drill, make sure that your club doesn’t go up to the end of your swing until the one minute is done. To gain more muscle memory, you could even use two golf clubs so that when you swing with a single club, you will have a lot more control.

Your golf swing plays quite an important role when trying to be a great golfer, as there are so many players who have no idea on why they are hitting such inconsistent shots, but with the right methods in mind, having the correct golf swing can be achieved. Perfecting a sport as complex as golf can be achieved when you have the correct golf swing.


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