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For most people, being a good golf player is defined by being able to get the ball in the hole in as few swings as possible. Some believe that it all comes down to luck, while others think it takes a superhuman level of hand-eye coordination they will never be able to achieve. However, the truth is that in large part, whether or not you are a good golf player depends on your swing technique. The good news is that even if you do not have access to a golfing coach, you can still improve your swing to perfection with the help of golf swing analysis products.

To explain it as simply as possible, these products come in two parts: a piece of hardware and an application. The former is attached somewhere on the golf club, while the latter is installed either on your smartphone or computer. Every time you make a swing, the sensor on the golf club is going to register a ton of data (from the speed and angle of the swing to your form) and then transmit it to the device you have the software installed on. As such, a golf swing analysis program gives you the ability to evaluate yourself and effectively act as your own golfing coach.

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What is 3Bays GSA Pro?

There is only a handful of such products on the market, but without a doubt one of the best ones is the 3Bays GSA Pro, available both for iPhone as well as Android phones, tablet and PCs. Just like its competitors, it consists of a sensor that is attached next to the handle of the golf club as well as a software program installable on any of the afore-mentioned devices. What follows is a 3Bays GSA Pro review with an examination of the products’ features, installation procedure, benefits, and how it compares to its greatest competitors.

3bays gsa pro analyzer

3Bays GSA Pro Features

To begin with, the sensor device is attached to the end of the club with a screw-like device, meaning it won’t impact your game whatsoever, especially considering it only weighs 9 grams and measures 1 by 1 inch when installed.

Even though the sensor itself may be small, it captures data on more than ten thousand separate points and is powered by an advanced 3-axis accelerometer as well as gyroscope sensors, allowing you to obtain extremely accurate readings on every single aspect of your swing. What’s more, the technology is entirely wireless and in real-time, allowing the bigger enthusiasts to coach themselves as they are playing.

The program doesn’t simply capture data and present it to you in the form of a simple text and calculations… Rather, it creates a three-dimensional simulation in which you can be the observer from any perspective and the path of the club is even automatically traced.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that those of you who prefer to see things through numbers aren’t catered to. There are swing metrics that accompany every swing that is recorded, and they include the measure of parameters such as impact force, club head speed, ball speed, back swing time, down swing time, face angle, carry distance, and more. You can even compare your results to the ones obtained from previous swings. The software application also includes an auto-http://bbgolfer.com/?p=844&preview=truerecording feature capable of analyzing your posture and providing you with frame-by-frame slow motion playback.

How to Install 3Bays GSA Pro?

Installing the 3Bays GSA Pro is perhaps one of the easiest procedures of all time. To start things off, you will need to set up the software either on your smartphone or tablet PC. This is done very simply by downloading the application through a link provided to you upon purchase. Once you have followed the on-screen instructions and gotten the software installed, then all you need to do is hook up the hardware to the butt end of your golf club and swing your way to glory!

3Bays GSA Pro vs. SkyPro vs. SwingByte  vs. Golfsense

The SkyPro, Swingbyte and Golfsense are really the only brands that stand as notable rivals to 3Bays GSA Pro, and so let us have a look at how they match up against each other. Of the four, 3Bays GSA is the most expensive one coming at $199.95, SkyPro being the closest at $167, Swingbyte 2  is in the middle at $149.00, and Golfsense is the cheapest one at $129.95 (Prices shown are the ones of the time of writing)

3bays gsa pro installationAll of them are available for iOS and Android, but the 3Bays GSA is the only one that is attached to the butt of the club. The other two brands are attached on the shaft below the grip, which has a higher chance of upsetting your swing balance. This becomes especially true when considering that the Golfsense sensor weighs 17 grams and the SwingByte about an ounce (reminder: 3Bays GSA Pro weighs 9 grams only).

The data captured is where things get really interesting for the 3Bays GSA Pro: its 10,000 data capture points and advanced motion capture technology allow it to harvest data at an unbelievable rate, and what’s more, with unmatched accuracy. Contrary to pretty much any other golf swing analyzer, the 3Bays GSA Pro may be the only that guarantees the data you are seeing is true.

How Can 3Bays GSA Pro Benefits You?

So how exactly are you going to benefit from this golf swing analyzer? To begin, you will get feedback on every single aspect and detail of your game; if you are half a degree off the perfect angle, this analyzer will tell you that. In the end, it is possible to achieve objectively-perfect golf swings with the help of a single application.

In addition to the scrupulous analysis the application subjects you to and the mountains of data you get from it, there is also the possibility of improvement at your own leisure. You won’t have to keep up with anybody but yourself, allowing you to calmly work on your swings and get gradually better by comparing your current self to your past self. All in all, the 3Bays
GSA Pro is basically the flawless robotic golfing coach you never had.


Where to Buy 3Bays GSA Pro?

Currently, Amazon offers the most competitive price of 3Bays GSA Pro, with 11 % OFF making the final fee you would have to pay is $199 with free shipping.

Final Words

Just to reiterate what we have seen today in this 3Bays GSA Pro review, it is one of the best, if not the best golf swing analyzer because despite its slightly elevated price, its features blow everything else out there straight out of the water by offering unprecedentedly-accurate and extensive data on every single aspect of your golf swing. In addition, it is extremely easy to install and won’t disrupt your swing balance. If used properly, it can help you perfect your swing at your own pace, and that’s something very few golfing coaches on this planet are capable of. Who knows, perhaps with some practice one day you will be good enough to take part in a Masters tournament.



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